Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 1 Review

In a dystopian city run by the tyrannic Goha Corp, Oudo Yuga wants to create his own path, or road, as he calls it. Yuga has invented a new form of dueling called Rush Duel and wants to use it to give people more freedom in a strict and frigid world. To bring his new road to the people, Yuga opens his duel disc and attempts to install his program into Goha’s system. A Goha Corp droid next to Yuga informs him that he has 6 minutes and 66 seconds to restore his duel disc or he will receive a penalty. Yuga fails to install the program and meets his doom at 6 minutes and 66 seconds (…wait…) by receiving his 5th penalty. If he receives one more, his account will be banned.

At school, Yuga is confronted by Sougetsu Gakuto, the Student Council President. Gakuto scolds Yuga for opening his duel disc and trying to install new rules. A boy named Rook overhears their conversation. Rook stops Yuga outside of school and tells him that he knows the perfect place where his rules can be installed. Whoever finds it will supposedly become the Duel King.

Rook leads Yuga to an underground area where he meets a mysterious holographic duelist. Rook has dueled the hologram duelist 6 times and got his account banned. However, after every time he wins, nothing happens when time runs out, so defeating the duelist is apparently not all it takes. The legend also speaks of illuminating a new path. Yuga assumes this refers to installing new rules.

Yuga begins installing his new rules. Rook and Yuga were followed by Gokuto, who panics at the sight of them installing new rules, but he wasn’t the only one who followed them. A girl named Kirishima Romin comes out from the shadows. She suggests Yuga tries Real-Time Duel Programming. This is where Yuga installs the new rules by dueling the holographic duelist. It seems like a good idea, but Yuga only has 6 minutes and 66 seconds to win. That’s were his new Rush Duel will come in handy.

Yuga begins the duel. Yuga’s duel disc transforms into shape of a seven, which contrasts Goha’s symbol of a hexagon. In a Rush Duel, each duelist can have up to three monsters on their field instead of five, and each duelist begins with four cards in their hand instead of the normal five. Rush Duel even lets Yuga summon three monsters at once. The holo duelist summons two monsters and uses his third to summon the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon. (Where the original began, so shall Sevens begin as well.)

The mystery duelist uses a spell card to destroy all of Yuga’s monsters, then attacks Yuga directly with Blue Eyes White Dragon. leaving Yuga with only 1000 life points left. Gakuto says Yuga should have a card in his hand that can help him make a comeback, but after looking again, he realizes Yuga has no cards in his hand! But that’s no problem because Rush Duel allows you to draw until you have 5 cards in your hand!

Yuga thought that dueling had become rigid and wanted people to have more freedom and have more fun. So Yuga created a system of rules that had high excitement right from the start, and where there’s always a chance for a comeback no matter the situation.

Yuga uses the five cards in his hand to summon Sevens Road Magician. He uses two spell cards to increase his magician’s attack points from 2100 to 5200, surpassing Blue Eyes White Dragon’s 3000 attack points and enough to leave the holo duelist with 1800 life points. But that’s not all! Sevens Road Magician’s effect can be activated by sending the top card of the deck to the graveyard. Currently, Yuga has 5 different attributes in his graveyard, only LIGHT is missing. With five different attributes in his graveyard, Yuga can increase his magician’s attack to 6700, which will leave the mystery duelist with only 300 life points. Fortunately, Sevens Road Magician’s effect can be activated by sending the top card of the deck to the graveyard. Yuga pulls a heart-of-the-cards moment and draws a light attribute monster. Sevens Road Magician’s attack increases to 7000. Yuga uses Sevens Road Magician to destroy Blue Eyes White Dragon along with the holo duelist’s life points. By doing so, Yuga has installed his new Rush Duel.

Romin snaps a picture of Yuga’s new Rush Duel. (She also took a picture of Gakuto scolding Yuga for trying to install new rules back at the classroom.)

A door opens before Yuga and the mystery duelist says, “Excellent Work! From here a new Road will open!”


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