Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 2 Review

After defeating the holographic duelist, Oudo Yuga successfully installed his new Rush Duel into everyone’s duel disc. A door opens before Yuga, and the mysterious duelist says, “The door is now open. Follow your road, the one to become the King of Duels.”

Yuga turns to Rook and says, “You should go, Rook…I’m not really suited to be a king.”

Without a second thought, Rook immediately takes the offer. He walks towards the door, but ends up walking right into a force field. The door is just a hologram.

Gakuto asks, “Then where is the path to become the King of Duels?”

Rook says, “One who dictates the rules of the game and spreads them to all the duelists over the world is the King of Duels.”

“So, basically, you just need to get everyone to Rush Duel?” asks Romin.

“But how?” asks Gakuto.

“Well for that,” says Rook, “we need to get hired by the Goha Corporation. And then with my underhanded dealings, we’ll get promoted to the managerial positions in no time until finally getting the president chair! The Rush Duel has that sort of power! That’s why we have to keep it between us until then! Just make sure that no one finds out about tonight.

Back at the classroom, Yuga starts telling people about the new Rush Duel that he installed. Rook comes busting in, angry at Yuga for not keeping it a secret.

“I told you to keep it a secret!” says Rook, and pulls Yuga under the desk. “Goha must have realized what happened yesterday,” he says, “but our accounts still haven’t been banned!”

“So that means they haven’t realized it was us?” says Romin, who is sitting at the desk behind them.

“That’s right!” says Rook, “This is our chance! If we tread carefully, we can take the dueling world by storm! Your Rush Duel has that power!”

“I…didn’t create Rush Duels for something like that…I just want to have fun dueling with everyone,” says Yuga.

“Hey,” says Romin, “If you guys are fighting over dueling then why not settle it with a duel?”

“I told you to keep it a secret!” says Rook.

“It’s fine,” says Yuga, “If it’s in a Rush Duel, then there’s no way I can lose.”

Rook and Yuga go outside to have their duel.

Gakuto comes to remind them that if they go over recess even for a second, then it will be considered against school regulations. But that’s no problem for the fast-paced nature of Yuga’s Rush Duel!

The students take out their phones to begin recording. Rook uses a power that was introduced in the last episode that allows him to stop electronic devices from working. He says this power comes from the demon possessing him. (Whatever that means.)

Rook notices the students who have come to witness the duel. “I can easily shut them up with one or two rare cards,” he says, “No, problem.”

The duel begins.

Yuga summons Dark Sorcerer and sets three cards face down. (That’s all he can do this turn.)

Rook summons two Twin Edge Dragons and one Dragolite. Rook sends his entire hand to the graveyard in order to activate both Twin Edge Dragons’ effect that allows them to attack twice this turn. Rook attacks Dark Sorcerer with Dragolite, but since they both have 1500 attack points, they are both destroyed. Rook attacks Yuga directly with his first Twin Edge, and because of its effect, attacks twice, leaving Yuga with 2000 life points. The second Twin Edge attacks. Yuga activates a trap that decreases Twin Edge’s attack points by 500. The attack goes through twice, leaving Yuga with only 1000 life points.

Yuga’s turn. Yuga draws 4 cards. He summons Child of Wind, Cyc; Mystic Dealer; and Stray Familiar. Yuga sends 1 card to the graveyard in order to activate Mystic Dealer’s effect to draw another card. Yuga tributes Mystic Dealer in order to summon Windcaster Torna. Yuga uses Child of Wind, Cyc’s effect to return Dark Sorcerer to his hand. Yuga tributes Child of Wind, Cyc and Stray Familiar in order to summon Sevens Road Magician. Yuga sends one card from his hand to the graveyard in order to activate Torna’s effect and uses it to switch Twin Edge Dragon into defense mode. Yuga activates a spell card called Piercing that allows Rook to take battle damage even when his dragon is in defense mode. With Sevens Road Magician’s 2100 attack points and Twin Edge Dragon’s 0 defense points, Yuga can leave Rook with 1900 life points. But that’s not all! Yuga activates Sevens Road Magician’s effect to increase its attack points. Currently, Yuga has 4 different attributes in his graveyard: DARK, WATER, EARTH, and WIND. With 4 different attributes in his graveyard, Yuga can raise Sevens Road Magician’s attack points to 3300. If Yuga attacks Rook’s dragon, he will leave Rook with only 100 life points. But Yuga must send the top card of his deck to the graveyard in order to activate its effect. Yuga draws a card, and…it’s a spell card. (Wow, it’s actually kind of refreshing to see a Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist not always draw the card they want.) Sevens Road Magician’s attack increases to 3300. Yuga attacks and with his two monsters and leaves Rook with 100 life points.

Rook summons two monsters and tributes them in order to summon his ace: Rush Dragon Dragears. He uses his dragon’s effect to attack twice. Yuga has a trap card ready, but before he can activate it, Rook destroys it. Rook attacks twice and wins the duel. (Wow, it’s also refreshing to see a Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist straight up lose.)

Rook reminds Yuga that since he won, he has to keep Rush Duel a secret. However, Rush Duel has already exploded on the net. Rook demands to know who did it.

“Romin, why did-” he says.

“I-It wasn’t me!” says Romin.

“Then who?” asks Rook, “Don’t tell me…Yuga?”

Yuga mentions there’s something behind Gakuto. It’s a Goha Corp drone that Yuga modified. Yuga reveals that it was broadcasting the entire duel.

“For everyone to enjoy Rush Duel is how it should be,” says Yuga.

Meanwhile, Goha Corp has been flooded with questions about Rush Duels. An assistant asks the president what they should do. The president just makes evil chuckles. The president gets a call from a little girl telling him Rush Duels are really fun. Again, the president does nothing but chuckle.


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