Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 3 Review

At Goha 7th Elementary; Rook, Gakuto, and Yuga have all gathered at school to talk about the suspicious acts of a certain individual. Recently, Yuga’s broadcast of his new Rush Duel took the internet by storm, but as of right now, all Rush Duel videos have been deleted by Goha Corp. However, Rook and Yuga’s accounts haven’t been banned. Rook suspects that Goha is observing them, and they are doing it through an individual named Kirishima Romin.

Rook suspects Romin is spying on them, given her constant photo-snapping and her oddly specific knowledge of dueling despite not having any interest in the game. Yuga agrees that she might be hiding something, so all three of them go to visit Romin in the classroom. Yuga brings one of his inventions (or “roads” as he calls it) – a device that can tell if someone is lying or not. Yuga holds his device next to Romin and asks her if she is hiding anything. Romin says, “Does it look that way?” The lie detector jumps back and forth between truth and lie before blowing up.

“That’s an interesting invention,” says Romin.

“It’s not an ‘invention’,” says Yuga, “it’s my road!”

Yuga invites Romin to his Road Research Lab where he invents all his roads.

“And Rush Duels,” says Romin, “Did you invent them there too?”

“Yeah!” says Yuga.

Romin agrees to go.

Yuga brings Romin, Rook, and Gakuto to his Road Research Lab, where he shows them all of his inventions.

“Which is your most impressive road?” asks Romin.

“Of course it’s Rush Duels!” says Yuga.

“Are they really that impressive…those Rush Duels?”

“You will know once you try it. Then how about-”

“I’ll have to decline. I don’t really have any interest in dueling.”

“I guess that makes sense, you know you will lose, so you aren’t really up for dueling.”

“Don’t be so certain that I will lose,” Romin fires back, “How will we know until we try?” Romin covers her mouth, realizing what she just said.

“Well I don’t have a deck or duel disk, so I can’t really duel,” she says. But that’s no problem, because Yuga hands her a duel disk and one of his spare decks.

Romin finally agrees to Rush Duel.

Yuga’s drone (which he named Kaizo in this episode) offers to carry Romin’s guitar case, but Romin won’t let it leave her. This causes Rook to suspect that Romin has some sort of important spy gear inside her guitar case.

Romin and Yuga begin their duel.

Romin goes first. Romin summons a monster. There’s a card in Romin’s hand that she wants to summon, but it requires 2 tributes, so instead, Romin tributes her 1 monster so she can summon her level 6 monster, “Answerer, The Demonic Swordsman”. Romin sets two cards face down and ends her turn.

Yuga summons Mystic Dealer; Luminous Shaman; and Child of Wind, Cyc. Yuga tributes Luminous Shaman and Child of Wind, Cyc in order to summon Sevens Road Magician. Yuga summons Spell Archer and sends the top card of his deck to the graveyard in order to activate the effect of Sevens Road Magician. Yuga raises his magician’s attack points to 2700. Yuga attacks with his three monsters and leaves Romin with 1300 life points.

Romin’s turn. Romin takes a look at the card in her hand that she wanted to summon earlier. If she can summon it this turn, she might have a chance to turn things around, but she still needs 2 tributes to summon it. Romin busts out her own heart-of-the-cards moment and draws 4 cards, all of which are monsters. Romin summons 3 monsters and tributes two of them in order to summon her ace: Prima Guitarna of Colorful Light.

This wasn’t a card that Yuga put in the deck he gave her. This is Romin’s own card. She got it at the live show of a guitarist she admires. Since she didn’t have any interest in dueling, she kept in in her guitar case as a good luck charm. That’s why she always carries it around.

Rook opens Romin’s guitar case and just finds a guitar inside.

“Ah! It’s just a guitar!” says Rook.

“Obviously…since it’s a guitar case,” says Romin.

The duel continues. Romin summons another monster, then she uses the effect of her Prima Guitarna. Romin pays 1000 life points in order to activate its effect: This turn, all monsters on her side of the field gain 300 attack for every monster her opponent controls. With three monsters on Yuga’s side of the field, all of Romin’s monsters will receive a 900 attack point boost. Romin uses all the monsters on her side of the field to attack all of the monsters on Yuga’s side of the field and leaves him with 600 life points.

Yuga begins to sweat as he draws his four cards, but to his dismay, he doesn’t have a monster that is stronger than any of Romin’s monsters. But that’s no problem, because Yuga activates a spell card called Recovery Force. This card allows Yuga to shuffle three Spellcaster-type monsters from his graveyard into his deck and draw 1 card. Yuga shuffles Luminous Shaman, Spell Archer, and Sevens Road Magician back into his deck. Yuga draws a card, and in an extremely eccentric heart-of-the-cards move, he draws Sevens Road Magician. Yuga summons two monsters and tributes them in order to bring Sevens Road Magician back to the field. Yuga uses his magician’s effect to raise its attack points to 3600. Yuga attacks and destroys Romin’s Prima Guitarna with his Sevens Road Magician and finishes off the rest of Romin’s life points.

Yuga walks over to Romin and says, “Actually, you always wanted to duel, right? It seemed like you had a lot of fun when you Tribute Summoned Prima Guitarna”

“I just thought of trying it because we were dueling,” says Romin, “Don’t get a wrong idea…Still, aren’t they fun? I mean Rush Duels.”

At the end of the duel, Gakuto turns to Rook and concludes that the whole “working for Goha” thing was all just a bunch of nonsense. However, in an apartment deep within the city, a boy looks at pictures on his phone of Yuga and his Rush Duel. The boy seems intrigued and wants to know more about who Yuga is and about this new Rush Duel he has created.


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