Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 4 Review

As Student Council President of Goha 7th elementary, Gakuto is tasked with fulfilling the needs of his fellow classmates, being an example of perfection, and making sure all students are following the rules. However, there is one blatant rule-breaking trend that has been going around the school lately that Gakuto can’t seem to put an end to – Rush Duels. Despite all Gakuto’s attempts to keep him in line, Yuga continues to pursue new ideas to get more people to Rush Duel.

Today, Yuga walks in to Gakuto’s office and asks if the students would be permitted to Rush Duel for an hour and a half in school. However, this morning, Gakuto drew a card for his fortune, and the card he drew was “Fiendish Commander, Yameruler” which means that he must put a stop to Rush Duels once and for all. As a result, Gakuto proclaims that Rush Dueling inside school grounds are strictly prohibited. Yuga suggests that he and Gakuto duel to decide who gets their way. If Gakuto wins, Rush Duels will be prohibited on school grounds, but if Yuga wins…

“…You let us Rush Duel inside the school! Also, how about quitting as President!?” Rook inserts Yuga’s demands.

Gakuto agrees to duel.

The duel begins. Gakuto demonstrates his Sougetsu-style Dueling where his assistants act as his hands.

Gakuto sets a monster and two cards face-down and ends his turn.

Yuga summons Dark Sorcerer, Fire Golem, and Whispering Fairy. Yuga attacks and destroys Gakuto’s set monster with Dark Sorcerer. Yuga attacks directly with his other two monsters, leaving Gakuto with 2000 life points. Yuga ends his turn.

Gakuto draws 3 cards. Gakuto sets two more monsters face-down and tributes them in order to summon his ace – Fiendish Commander, Yameruler. Gakuto uses a spell card called Bandaged Bowing to switch Yameruler into Defense Position and draw 1 card. Then he activates Yameruler’s effect. The effect allows Gakuto to switch Yameruler into attack mode and prevent Level 7 or higher monsters from being tribute summoned. This means that Yuga can’t tribute summon his Sevens Road Magician. Next, Gakuto summons Binding Chain and tributes it in order to summon Shameful Striped Sage. Gakuto activates Shield & Sword to switch the ATK and DEF points of all monsters on the field. (Another return of an old classic.) Gakuto attacks Fire Golem with Shameful Striped Sage and Dark Sorcerer with Fiendish Commander, Yameruler. This leaves Yuga with only 300 life points. Gakuto ends his turn.

Yuga draws 3 cards. Yuga tributes Whispering Fairy in order to summon Sevens Road Witch. Gakuto activates his trap card called Scroll Simultaneous Salutations in order to return Shameful Striped Sage and switch Fiendish Commander, Yameruler into defense mode. Yuga sends 1 monster from his hand to the graveyard in order to activate Sevens Road Witch’s effect. This effect allows Yuga so Special Summon a level 7 or higher Dark Spellcaster-Type monster from his hand. Yuga uses this effect to Summon Sevens Road Magician (because it’s a Special Summon, not a Tribute Summon). Since the monster Yuga summoned was Sevens Road Magician, Sevens Road Witch gains 400 attack points until the end of this turn. Next, Yuga sends the top card of his deck to the graveyard in order to activate Sevens Road Magician’s effect, bringing its attack points to 3600. Yuga attacks and destroys Fiendish Commander Yameruler with Sevens Road Magician. Then, Yuga attacks directly with Sevens Road Witch and wins the duel.

As a result of his loss, Gakuto agrees to step down from his role as Student Council President. An emergency election was held to determine who would take Gakuto’s place, and as it turns out, Gakuto was re-elected.

Yuga modifies his drone into a stamping machine that can help Gakuto with his paperwork.

Then, Gakuto turns to his three friends and says, “Now I can watch over you guys as Student Council President without any worry! Because you never know what kind of mess you guys will get yourselves into if I am not around!”


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