Eren Strikes Back: Attack on Titan Chapter 2 Review

The terrifying titan whose head looms over the 50-meter wall kicked a hole in the structure, sending debris flying everywhere. Armin can’t believe what he is seeing. “We have to get out of here before the titans get in!!” he says to Eren and Mikasa, but Eren starts running another way.

“Those pieces of the wall fell near the houses!!” says Eren, “MOM’S at home!!” Mikasa follows him. As Eren runs toward his house, he tells himself there is no way his house got hit — Mom got out safe, and when he rounds the corner, his house will be there just like always.

“Dammit!!” cries Eren. To his horror, one of the boulders from the wall landed on his house, completely crushing it. Eren and Mikasa find their mother trapped underneath the rubble. They use all their might to try and free her.

“Eren!! Take Mikasa and get out of here!!” screams Eren’s mother, “My legs got crushed by the rubble. Even if you get me out, I can’t run…you understand, don’t you?”

Not wanting to leave his mother behind, Eren keeps trying to free her instead of following her instructions. In the nick of time, Mr. Hannes arrives. The mother pleads Hannes to take the children and get out of here.

“Don’t underestimate me, Kalura,” says Hannes, and rushes off to slay an approaching titan, but when he sees the titan, he freezes…and runs back. He picks up Eren and Mikasa and starts running away.

“Thank you,” says Kalura.

“Hey!” says Eren, “What are you doing?! My mom is still…”

All of a sudden, memories start running through Eren’s mind. Memories of things that were, but shall never be again. Memories of his family sitting down at the table. Memories of things he took for granted. Memories of things he didn’t realize he had until they were gone.

Eren watches in horror as the titan scoops his mother out of the rubble and lifts her up to its mouth.


“Ow!” says Mr. Hannes. Eren hits him in the back of the head.

“I would’ve saved mom in another few seconds if you hadn’t been there!” says Eren.

“You couldn’t save your mom because I wasn’t brave enough,” cries Mr. Hannes, “I didn’t face the titan…I’m sorry.”

Eren and Mikasa get on an evacuation boat to depart for the sanctity of Wall Rose. While on the boat, Eren thinks about how he will never again be able to go home.

Why is this happening to us?” thinks Eren, “Is it because humans are weak? Is crying the only thing the weak can do?!…I’m gonna destroy them!! Every last one…of those animals that’s on this earth!!

Five years later, Eren Yeager joins the cadets. At the end of his military training, those who scored a spot in the top ten were announced as follows:

Next time, it’s gonna be our turn,” thinks Eren, “Next time, the humans will devour the titans!!


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