The Impossible Die Roll: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 2 Review

Yugi and Jonouchi arrive at school and find a ZTV van parked outside. They wonder if someone famous attends their school. Yugi peeks inside the van.

“I can’t see anything,” says Yugi, “It’s a one way mirror.”

However, the man inside the van can see him.

“This is the star of our next project,” says the man.

The man inside the van, known only as the Director, has come to Domino High School to film a documentary on bullying.

He begins by filming a reporter standing outside of Domino High who says, “Good morning, everyone. It’s time for ‘Survival Morning!’ Today’s exclusive is ‘Caught on Camera! School Violence.’ Bullying is a serious problem at this school. Our under cover agents have discovered the violence students face every day!”

Now, the Director wants to get some footage of kids getting beat up, so he calls his assistant over. He shows the assistant a picture of Yugi pathetically pressing his face against his van window.

“Wow, what a wimp,” says the assistant, “He really seems the type to get beat up. But how can we get footage of him getting beat up?”

“Tch! You don’t get it,” says the Director, “You’re going to play the part of the bully!

The Assistant Director (or A.D. for short) walks down the halls of the high school disguised as one of the students. He asks a passing student if he knows the kid from the picture he has.

“Yeah, I know him. He’s Yugi from Class B!” says the student. The A.D. starts walking towards Class B, but he passes Yugi and Jonouchi along the way.

Yugi starts questioning if there actually is someone famous who attends their school.

“Yugi! Not you too?!” says Jonouchi, “Fine I’ll find him on my own! Humph!”

Jonouchi runs away mad. The A.D. walks up to Yugi and introduces himself as Fujita. Then he says, “Listen…I know the star who goes to this school. You want to know who it is, don’t you?”

“What?! There’s really a star here?!” says Yugi.

“Of course!” says Fujita “I’ll introduce you! Meet behind the gym during recess, okay?”

During recess, Fujita waits for Yugi while the Director hides behind the bushes. Although a little late, Yugi arrives with a bouquet of flowers.

Yugi asks Fujita where the star is. Fujita tells Yugi to come closer and says, “IT WAS A LIE!” Then Fujita punches Yugi in the face and continues to assault him as the Director pleases.

In the nick of time, Jonouchi comes running and says, “What the hell are you doing?”

Jonouchi threatens to clobber Fujita, but the Director steps out of the bushes.

“Look…it was just bad luck you got picked for the victim,” says the Director, “Just coincidence…about the same odds as rolling the die and getting a one…but because of that, we’ve taped a good show! The viewers will sympathize with you and send in letters by the dozen! You’re a star, Yugi! The star of our program!”

Jonouchi threatens to hit the Director, but the Director knees Jonouchi in the chest.

“Don’t you get it?” says the Director, “You can’t fight the power of the media! If I want, I can make you the laughingstock of the world!”

Later that evening, the Director is in the parking lot of ZTV Broadcasting. A coworker congratulates him for the response of his show. The director thinks maybe next time he’ll kill someone in front of the cameras when he sees Yugi in his rear-view mirror, but in his alter-ego form.

“You have trespassed in my soul!” says Yugi, “For that, you must play a game with me!”

Yugi pulls out a die and says, “The rules are simple, we both roll the die. I roll first. Whoever rolls the lowest number wins. I’ll even let you win in case of a tie! However if I win, then you have to play a penalty game as punishment.”

The director calls the game ridiculous and starts walking away.

Yugi rolls the die anyway. Yugi rolls a 6.

The director turns back around and says, “Ha ha ha ha! It’s a six! a six! No matter what number comes up, I win!”

Yugi responds, “But the game’s not over until you roll.”

“Then I’ll do what you want and put a hole in your head at the same time!” says the Director and throws the die at Yugi’s face.

Yugi holds up the Millennium Puzzle to shield himself. The die lands on a 1.

“I win!” says the Director.

“No,” says Yugi, “You have to play a Penalty Game.”

The Director looks at the floor again and notices that the die split in half, with both the 1 and 6 sides facing up. That means the Director rolled a 7.

“Penalty Game!!” cries Yugi, “Mosaic Illusion!!”

The Penalty Game makes the Director see the entire world through a digital mosaic (the kind used for censorship).

“Director,” says Yugi, “for bending the truth in front of the cameras…all you see shall be censored!”

**Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from


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