Silent Karaoke: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 3 Review

The chapter begins with Yugi riding the bus to school. On the bus, he sees a boy from his class named Hanasaki. Yugi says good morning to him, but Hanasaki turns his head back around. Yugi thinks that he hasn’t spoken to Hanasaki all that much. Hanasaki’s invisibility rating is almost the same as his.

The bus driver calls out, “Emergency Stop!” and the bus comes to a screeching halt. Yugi trips and falls to the back of the bus where he hears a loud thumping noise. Yugi looks up and sees a big brute-like figure listening to loud music.

“Uh oh, that’s Sozoji from class C,” says Yugi, “I hope he doesn’t notice me,” but it was too late.

“Stop right there, Yugi!” says Sozoji, “The place right next to me is open! Have a seat! There’s something I wanted to talk to you about. It’s about time for another one of my famous ‘All Night Solo Live Shows!'”

This is Sozoji’s monthly recital. Yugi has experienced it twice in the past. Sozoji calls several audience members to a karaoke room (you pay) and displays his beloved singing voice until morning. Testimonial from past participants include: “I’ll never go again,” “I was sick for three days after,” and “Gaahh! Please Stopp!!!!!”

Sozoji tells Yugi to sell 10 tickets for the show. They are 2,000 yen each. The date is three days away. Sozoji cracks his knuckles and says, “You know what’ll happen to you if you don’t sell those tickets!”

At the beginning of the chapter, Yugi says there is something he thinks about every morning as he waits for the bus: “I hope something fun happens today!” Now as Yugi approaches school, he thinks something different: “I hope something fun happens someday.”

Yugi considers asking Jonouchi and Anzu for help, but he is sure Jonouchi would pick a fight with Sozoji and he couldn’t subject Anzu to Sozoji’s terrible singing voice.

Yugi begins to think he will go home with all the tickets still in his pocket. At the lockers, Yugi sees Hanasaki. Yugi pulls out a ticket from his pocket with the thought of selling one to him.

“Darn it…What am I thinking?” thinks Yugi, “Just because Hanasaki is my friend…Just because I haven’t talked to him all that much. I’m such a jerk.”

Then Hanasaki calls out to Yugi. “S-Sorry to bug you,” he says, “but…c-could you by this ticket for me…?”

The ticket is for Sozoji’s recital. Hanasaki has five of them, but hasn’t been able to sell one.

Yugi offers to take all of Hanasaki’s tickets, that way Hanasaki won’t have to go and he won’t get in trouble for not selling them. Hanasaki agrees and thanks Yugi for the favor.

As Yugi walks away, Hanasaki says, “I thought Yugi was kind of gloomy but he’s pretty nice.”

However, Sozoji emerges from behind a door. He saw the whole thing. “You think you can take the easy way out?” he says.

With 15 tickets in his pocket, the day of the recital came, and Yugi was the only one who showed up.

Sozoji is angry that Yugi didn’t manage to sell any tickets.

“You’ll stay with me all night,” he says, “and it’s gonna be a live show of blood!”

Sozoji hands Yugi a pair of headphones and tells Yugi to put them on, then Sozoji cranks up the volume. Sozoji screams into the microphone, causing Yugi earsplitting pain.

Then Sozoji says, “Now, before the next song, let’s introduce our special guest!” Sozoji unveils a beaten up Hanasaki.

Seeing the bruised Hanasaki causes Yugi to transform into his alter-ego.

“How could you..How could you do this to my friend, Hanasaki,” he says, “I won’t forgive you…”

Yugi asks Sozoji if he is a coward. “If you aren’t,” he says, “then don’t try to escape from the little game I’m going to start!”

The game is called The Silence Game. Yugi finds two “Sound Pierrots” in the karaoke room. If you make a noise, a sensor reacts and it starts dancing. The rules of the game are to remain perfectly silent so the person does not set off their Pierrot. The first one to make the clown dance loses.

“What will happen if you lose?” asks Sozoji.

“I give you my life!!” says Yugi, “But if you lose, you have to play a penalty game!”

“Intersting!!” says Sozoji.

Game Start!

Sozoji notices that Yugi left his headphone jack dangling from a glass of water.

“It’s only a matter of time before it tips over and makes a noise,” thinks Sozoji, “this game is mine!!”

Sozoji chants to himself, “Fall! Fall!” Sozoji’s heart starts pounding, but as the jack refuses to fall, his heart pounds even harder.

Suddenly, Sozoji’s pierrot starts dancing, but Yugi’s jack hasn’t fallen. Yugi points to a speaker behind Sozoji and says, “That’s the sound of your heart!” Sozoji had been holding the mike next to his heart, and since the volume was on max, the mike could pick up every sound.

“Your habbit holding onto the mike no matter how much it annoys people has done you in!” says Yugi, “You lose, Sozoji.”

“Penalty Game!! Beat Festival!”

Beat Festival makes Sozoji’s heartbeat get louder and louder.

“M-Make it Stop!” cries Sozoji.

“Rock music has eight beats, right?” says Yugi, “I hear that came from the basic rhythm of the heart–the rhythm that most stimulates a person! From now on, you can sing to the beating of your own tell-tale heart!” (Edgar Allen Poe reference?)

**Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from


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