Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 5 Review

In the strict and frigid world controlled by the tyrannic Goha Corp, Oudo Yuga wanted to create a way for people to have more freedom and more fun, so he created a new way of dueling and called it Rush Duel. In order to promote his new invention, Yuga has been posting videos of Rush Duels online. However, all videos and search results related to Rush Duels have now been deleted by Goha Corp. Yuga is still trying to get everyone to Rush Duel, but Goha’s dominance over the media is proving to be a severe road block.

When Yuga and company arrive at school, they get interviewed by their school newspaper. Yuga realizes that since a newspaper is analog media, it can’t be influenced by Goha Corp. So Yuga agrees to the interview, but to his surprise, the article ends up being strikingly negative.

Quotes include:

“Rules of Rush Duels are the worst of all time.”

“Truly an insult to dueling.”


“These rules are shallow and for kids.”

Yuga and company go to the newspaper club to get the article retracted and corrected. Yuga threatens to scan and upload the newspaper onto the internet so that Goha will find out about them and get them to cease publication.

The chief of publication, Shinjitsu Bakuro, freaks out at the idea of their newspaper ceasing publication, so he challenges Yuga to a Rush Duel to prove that the rules are as shallow as they say, and if Yuga wins they will accept his request. However, Rook steps up to duel so he can show them just how deep the rules of Rush Duels actually are.


The duel begins.

Bakuro goes first. Bakuro sets 1 monster and 3 cards face-down and ends his turn.

Rook summons Dragon Priestess, Dragon Bat, and Dragolite. Then he activates the spell card Piercing and applies it to Dragolite, allowing the monster to inflict battle damage even if the monster it attacks is in defense mode. Rook attacks and destroys Bakuro’s set monster with Dragolite. In response, Bakuro activates a trap called It’s an Accident. Since his monster was destroyed by an opponent’s attack, It’s an Accident allows Bakuro to inflict 300 points of damage to his opponent.

Rook attacks directly with Dragon’s Priestess. Bakuro sends one card to his graveyard in order to activate his trap card That’s All From the Scene! This trap card allows Bakuro to deal 300 points of damage to Rook and end the battle phase.

Rook ends his turn.

Bakuro summons two Delivery Machine Whirr’s and tributes them in order to summon his ace: News Flash Machine Toughroid.

Bakuro activates a spell card that allows him to summon a second News Flash Machine Toughroid.

Bakuro sends one card from his deck to the graveyard in order to activate Toughroid’s effect: Rook must excavate the top five cards of his deck and for each monster, Toughroid gains 100 attack points. Rook excavates three monsters.

Bakuro activates another spell card that allows him to summon a third News Flash Machine Toughroid. Bakuro attacks Dragon Bat and Dragon’s Priestess with two of his Toughroid monsters. Rook has 900 life points left. Then, Bakuro attacks Dragolite with this third Toughroid. Rook activates a trap that allows him to send a Dragon-type monster from his graveyard back to his deck and decrease his opponent’s monster’s attack points by it’s level multiplied by 100. Rook chooses level 3 Dragon’s Priestess and forces Bakuro’s Toughroid monster to lose 300 attack points. The attack still goes through, leaving Rook with 100 life points. Bakuro ends his turn.

Rook sends three dragon monsters from his hand to the graveyard to activate a spell card that destroys all monsters on the field. Next, Rook summons two monsters to the field. Bakuro activates a trap card that allows him to summon a monster from the graveyard. Rook tributes his two monsters in order to summon his ace: Rush Dragon Dragears.

Using his monster’s effect, Rook attacks Bakuro twice and wins the duel.

At the end of the duel, Bakuro surprises everyone by announcing that he actually enjoyed the Rush Duel and will now print the truth. As an added bonus, Yuga agrees to not shut down their newspaper club. So in the end, the newspaper club got to stay in publication and Yuga found a way to promote his Rush Duel without the interference of Goha Corp. Everyone wins!


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