Don’t Drop the Chloroform: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 5 Review

At Domino High School, Anzu tells Yugi and Jonouchi about a psychic named Kokurano that attends their school. Jonouchi has been having some bad luck lately, so he decides to get his fortune told. When Jonouchi arrives at the classroom where Kokurano is, he is embarrassed because of the large amount of girls in attendance.

“It’s not cool for a guy to get his fortune read,” thinks Jonouchi, so he decides to shift the blame.

“Geez! I can’t believe you dragged me here, Anzu!” says Jonouchi.

“What?! Who dragged who here?!” responds Anzu.

Kokurano calls for the next person in line.

“Go get you fortune told, Anzu!” says Jonouchi.

“Why me?!” asks Anzu.

Out of nowhere, an earthquake erupts. Fortunately, it was a short one.

“You there,” says Kokurano, pointing at Jonouchi, “You just said ‘get your fortune told,’ didn’t you?! I’ll have you know, I’m not a fortune teller! To be sure, things like palmistry, fortunetelling, chi reading, feng shui, and astrology attempt to predict the future. But those are just based on statistics, calculating the odds…I have the power of premonition! The ability to see the future! You don’t believe me? Then let me show you proof.”

Kokurano pulls out a piece of paper and hands it Jonouchi. It reads EARTHQUAKE TODAY.

“My powers gave me a vision of the future this morning,” says Kokurano, “I wrote it down here.”

The room cheers for Kokurano’s amazing abilities.

Anzu becomes infatuated and decides to get her fortune told after all. Anzu steps up to the booth and Kokurano begins to rub her hand.

This makes Yugi angry. “Darn it, how dare he fondle Anzu’s hand that,” he thinks.

“Anzu Mazaki,” thinks Kokurano, “I’ve admired her from afar for so long…I’m gonna seduce her…it’ll be a cinch if I use my powers.”

Kokurano begins his prediction. “I see a wonderful man appear before your eyes! He’s someone close to you already! You will fall so deeply in love that you will swoon before him.”

Anzu thinks Kokurano is referring to the man who saved her with a game.

Yugi steps up to the booth and says, “I hate to be rude, I’m sure psychic powers really exist, but I get the feeling most psychics are fake…I saw a trick like that on TV…If you wrote, ‘Earthquake Today’ and other predictions on note cards and hid them in your clothes, that wouldn’t be a real prediction.”

Kokurano begins to sweat. All of a sudden, Kokurano comes under a trance and says, “I see your future! Countless letters will fall from the heavens and bring disaster upon you!!”


At the end of the day, Yugi is getting ready to go home when he notices a book in a fellow classmate’s desk.

“I bet someone checked it out, then forgot it. It’s due today,” he says, “I’ll go return it.”

Yugi goes to the library to return the book. As he searches for the book’s location, he starts to hear loud banging noises. Yugi looks behind him just in time to see that the book shelf is about to fall on top of him!

Yugi’s nearly fatal experience causes him to transform into his alter-ego.

“One more moment to figure out ‘countless letters’ and I’d be dead,” says Yugi, “But now I know Kokurano is a menace who makes his predictions come true! But if that’s the case…Anzu is in danger!”


Anzu is currently waiting for Yugi in the classroom.

“I got paid today, so I thought I’d take him our for a treat,” says Anzu.

Kokurano enters the room and asks, “Mazaki, are you waiting for someone?”

“Well, yes!” responds Anzu.

“Shall I make a prediction? The person you’re waiting for will not come.”

“That can’t be true,” thinks Anzu as she turns her head away.

Suddenly, Kokurano covers Anzu’s mouth with chloroform and causes her to faint.

“As long as I have my powers, any woman is mine!” says Kokurano, “I’ll be popular forever!”

“You think so?” says a voice.

Yugi appears from around the corner. “Well, ‘prophet’? Let’s play a game!” he says.

Anzu hears the words “Let’s play a game!” and recognizes the voice of the man who saved her. She looks to see who he is, but the chloroform is too strong and she passes out.

Yugi picks up the bottle of chloroform and sets up the game. Then he says, “The rules are simple. We spread some papers on the desk and place the bottle on top of them. The players take turns pulling out one sheet of paper at a time! You can’t touch the bottle of course! The one who drops the bottle loses the game! Although the loser won’t be conscious to know that!”

The game starts with Rock-Paper-Scissors (or rather Ro-Sham-Bo). Yugi goes first. Yugi whips a paper from under the bottle. Safe. Kokurano pulls a paper. Safe. Yugi pulls another paper. The bottle lands dangerously close to the edge.

“Now what?” asks Yugi, “You can’t yank any more out. There is only one way to remove a page! If you’re really psychic, you can levitate the bottle!”

“Alright,” says Kokurano, “I’ll show you my power!”

Kokurano uses all his might to levitate the bottle. It seems that Kokurano is starting to believe his own lie that he really is psychic because he points to a spot in the air where he thinks the bottle is floating, but the bottle is really still on the table.

“That is only your imagination,” says Yugi, “Why don’t you try pulling that paper out? That’ll prove everything!”

Kokurano pulls the paper and causes the chloroform to fall to the floor. Kokurano inhales the chloroform and passes out. He lands on the floor with his cloak spread open, revealing a collection of previously written fortunes on note cards.

“Well, well,” says Yugi, “Look at all the predictions in your cloak. You probably won’t wake up until tomorrow. By that time, everyone in school will know the truth about your psychic powers. I doubt you’ll remain popular after that.”


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