Death by Ice Hockey: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 6 Review

At Domino High School, the students of Class B are trying to decide what to do for the upcoming school festival. As the School Festival Officer Representative for Class B, Anzu asks the students for ideas. Proposals include a haunted house, yaki soba, costume contest, student professional wrestling, and takoyaki.

Jonouchi suggests they show some real guts and go for a sex appeal. The girls will wear costumes to appeal to every guy’s fantasy and they’ll call it “The Real High School Girl Cabaret!” That idea quickly gets shut down by all the girls in the class.

Hanasaki suggests they do Gag Manga, but he quickly regrets his idea after the entire class goes silent.

Then Anzu turns to Yugi and asks him for an idea. Yugi suggests they do carnival games. The class excitedly agrees. (Of course Yugi would suggest games.)

Together, the class comes up with three games to assemble for the festival. The games include Bluebeard’s Attack, Bottle Toss, and a Shooting Gallery.

(Yugi can be seen playing with a miniature version of Bluebeard’s Attack way back in Chapter 1 when his character is first introduced.

From Chapter 1

(The game is based on the real-world game called Pop-up Pirate, or “Blackbeard in Danger” in Japan.)

And best of all, Anzu was able to get the most popular location from the placement lottery.

With three days until the carnival, Class B begins their preparations.


While building their booth, Goro Inogashira, the School Festival Officer from Senior Class D, appears and says, “How strange…There seems to be someone in our space!”

“What are you guys doing?!” Goro asks Class B.

“Huh?! We’re getting ready for the school festival?!” says Anzu.

“Listen up, underclassman! This is where we traditionally make okonomiyaki each year! Get rid of these rotten carnival games!”

Goro’s crew uses their large grill as a battering ram to destroy Class B’s booth.

“Stop!!” cries Yugi and uses himself to block the grill from hitting their booth. (Much like how he used himself to block Ushio from hurting Jonouchi and Honda in Chapter 1.)

Yugi’s blocking attempt proves to be fruitless as he ends up getting hit in the face, and Goro ends up taking Class B’s spot.


Yugi wakes up in the hospital and sees Anzu right beside him.

“What about the carnival games?” asks Yugi.

“Well…Let’s try again next year,” says Anzu with a smile on her face, but as she turns her head, Yugi notices a tear trickling down her cheek.

When Anzu turns her head back around, Yugi is gone.

Seeing Anzu crying caused Yugi to transform into his alter-ego. He calls Goro out to the booth location.

“You have trespassed in the soul of each member of my class!” says Yugi, “For that, you must play a game with me!”

“What kind of game are you talking about?” asks Goro.

“We’ll play a game with this! The grill that you brought here.”

Yugi has set up the grill so it stands waist-high and outlined the borders with bricks except for the edge closest to each player, resembling an air hockey rink. Yugi has also frozen a tube of explosives inside of a cylindrical block of ice that they will use for a puck. The players will use wooden spatulas to whack the ice puck back and forth. As the puck moves across the hot grill, the ice will slowly melt, and if the tube of explosives lands on the grill, one or both of them will be blown sky high.

“The loser gives up the right to this space at the school festival!” says Yugi, “Any problem with that, Inogashira?”

“I’ll meet your challenge,” says Goro (or Inogashira, Goro is just shorter).


The game begins.

Goro uses all his strength and speed to whack the puck back to Yugi every time it comes back to him. Goro’s overwhelming power starts making Yugi nervous. (This seems to be the first time we have seen Yugi actually struggle to win a shadow game. Every other time he seemed calm and confident.)

Suddenly, Yugi gets an idea. “I must use my opponent’s strength and speed against him!” thinks Yugi, “If this doesn’t work, I’ll lose!”

Yugi uses the flattened edge of the spatula to strike the ice puck, causing a crack to begin to form. Then the puck comes back to Goro.

“I’ve saved the best for last!!” says Goro, as he whacks the ice puck with all his might. When he does so, the ice puck breaks in half, causing the tube of explosives to fall out.

“What?!” says Goro, “He put a crack in the ice!”

The tube falls on the grill and explodes, blowing up Goro along with it.

“As promised, we’ll take this space back!” says Yugi, “Just remember this! Those who trespass in other’s souls will always get burned in the end!”

(Sheesh, a little extreme for a guy who stole their spot at the school carnival. The last villain who died in a shadow game was threatening to take Anzu’s life.)

And so, with pulling an all-nighter, Class B was able to rebuild their booth, and their carnival games were a big hit.


**Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from


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