Love is Like a Puzzle: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 7 Review

At the end of another day at Domino High School, Yugi is walking home when he is stopped by Jonouchi. Yugi is excited to see him until he realizes who he’s with: Honda.

Despite standing up for both Jonouchi and Honda in Chapter 1, it seems that Honda still doesn’t like Yugi for whatever reason. And Yugi doesn’t like Honda because he makes him carry his stuff and buy dirty magazines and things like that. However, Jonouchi has brought Honda to Yugi to ask a favor of him.

“Jonouchi! You’re not going to ask Yugi?!” says Honda.

“Sure I am,” says Jonouchi.

“You know he’s gonna tell everyone! He’s got a grudge against me!”

“Honda, Yugi’s not like that. I promise.”

Then Jonouchi turns to Yugi and says, “Truth is…Honda’s in love.”

The girl is Miho Nosaka from their class (also known as “Ribbon”). Jonouchi came to ask Yugi if his game shop has anything Honda can give to Miho as a present. Honda is a little skeptical of the idea (What kind of romantic gift would a game store have?), but Yugi agrees to go take a look.


When they arrive at the game store, Grandpa Mutou says he has just the thing.

“This is a blank puzzle!” says Grandpa, “You write down your feelings, then break it up and send it to her! As she puts it together, piece by piece your words appear! Isn’t it romantic?”

Jonouchi completely laughs at the idea, but Honda bashfully accepts it.

“But hold on, what do I write? I’ve never written a love letter,” says Honda, so he makes Yugi write the note for him.

“If she turns me down, I’ll kill you!” says Honda.

That night, Yugi tries to write Honda’s message, but he has also never written a love letter. It took all night, but this is what he finally came up with:

Yugi disassembles the puzzle and wraps it up in a box, then he takes it to school the next morning. Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda all meet in the classroom early the next morning where they place the gift inside of Miho’s desk.

“All we do is put this in her desk and everything is set!” says Jonouchi.


Yugi’s teacher begins walking towards her classroom. All of the passing students admire her outstanding beauty and comment that she uses too much makeup. Her name is Ms. Chono, but she is also known as “The Wicked Witch of Expel!” because of the large amount of students she has expelled.

Another teacher passes Ms. Chono and asks about her date.

“Well…he wasn’t up to my standards,” she says, and walks towards her class. She stops by the restroom and smashes a mirror.

“I can’t stand that bald idiot!” she says, “How dare he ask me about that?”

Ms. Chono reapplies her makeup, but now she is in a very bad mood and needs to blow off some steam.

Ms. Chono arrives at her class and says, “Alright everyone! I’d like your attention! Before we open our textbooks today, empty the contents of your desk and bag onto your desk! It’s inspection time!”

Yugi and Jonouchi start panicking. Honda has completely frozen. Miho empties her desk and is surprised to find the present inside.

Ms. Chono passes Miho’s desk and says, “What is this, Miss Nosaka?”

“I don’t know…I found it in my desk,” responds Miho.

Ms. Chono opens the present and reveals the puzzle inside. She assembles the puzzle and reads the note out loud, “My beloved ribbon, you look perfect in your yellow ribbon.”

“What a silly message,” says Ms. Chono.

Miho starts to cry.

“Damn witch! says Honda, “Miho’s the one hurt the most by this.”

“Now who gave this to her!” asks Ms. Chono, “It’s in the school rules, underage dating is strictly prohibited! This puzzle is a date waiting to happen.”

Honda realizes he has to confess before Miho gets hurt any further, but before he does, Yugi stands up and says, “I did it! I wrote the message!”

Then Jonouchi stands up and says, “No, I put it in her desk, teach!”

Honda stands up anyways and says, “Thanks guys, but that’s enough. It’s my message in that puzzle!”

“Only one of you is guilty,” says Ms. Chono, “Of course! I just need to finish the puzzle!”

Ms. Chono starts assembling the last four pieces of the puzzle to reveal the name of the sender.

Yugi realizes that Honda is about to be expelled, so he transforms into his alter-ego and thinks, Ms. Chono, how dare you wound Honda and Nosaka’s souls. Everyone has secrets locked in their hearts, secrets they can only show to a special person! Now as much as you hurt others, you will hurt yourself!

Yugi changes the puzzle into a shadow game. As Ms. Chono finishes assembling the puzzle, pieces of her make up start falling off like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When all the pieces fall off, and evil and ugly face appears on Ms. Chono.

Ms. Chono, I’ve removed the makeup of your soul, thinks Yugi, That is your true face!

Ms. Chono runs out of the room, and no one got expelled.


After class, Honda mustered up the courage to ask Miho out in person…but she rejected him.

As Yugi and Jonouchi try to cheer Honda up, Yugi realizes that something changed between the three of them after that.


**Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from


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