The Wild Gang: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 11-12 Review

It was another typical day at Domino High School, except for one thing…Jonouchi was missing. Despite failing at every subject except P.E., Jonouchi has never missed a day of school. Yugi, Honda, and Anzu are worried that something is wrong, so they decide to visit Jonouchi at his apartmetn.

When they get to the apartment, Jonouchi’s wasted father throws a bottle at the door while laying on the table and says, “Hey you brat! Where ya been the last two days!”

They realize Jonouchi isn’t there so they start searching the city for him. They eventually find him, but he is with some gang members from Rintama High School, lead by a guy named Hirutani. Yugi tries to get Jonouchi to come back with them, but Jonouchi just ignores him.

“You know that kid, Jonouchi?” asks one of the gang members.

“Never seen him,” says Jonouchi, “Come on, Let’s go!”

Yugi begs Jonouchi to come back with them, but the gang member punches Yugi in the face. Jonouchi does nothing.

“Jonouchi you’re the worst! I can’t believe you!” says Anzu.

“What’s with you, Jonouchi?” says Honda.

Yugi, Honda, and Anzu go outside to nurse Yugi’s wound. Then Honda tells them about Jonouchi. He says Jonouchi was in a gang in middle school, and now it seems he has rejoined their group. Yugi remembers how he met Jonouchi and says, “Jonouchi hasn’t changed! He couldn’t have!”

So they decide to go get him back.


Honda leads them to the gang’s hideout. They see a gang member come out and follow him. When he gets a fair distance from the hideout, Honda catches up to him. Then he starts cleaning his clocks while Yugi and Anzu watch innocently from the side.

Honda demands the guy tell him why Jonouchi is hanging out with the gang.

“Hirutani’s been bringing his old friends to expand the gang’s turf…even that jerk Jonouchi,” says the gang member, “but he refused at first…but Hirutani’s too smart for that…so he gave Jonouchi a warning. Hirutani said if Jonouchi didn’t join our gang he’d beat up all the kids in his Domino High School one by one.”

“I knew Jonouchi hadn’t changed!” says Yugi as they all run to go save him.

Meanwhile at the hideout, Jonouchi is glaring at the punk who punched Yugi.

“What is it?” asks the punk, “There something stuck to my face, Jonouchi?”

Then Jonouchi punches him in the face.

“No way I’m letting you get away with hitting my friend,” says Jonouchi.

Hirutani intervenes and says, “Hold him down! Jonouchi needs an attitude lesson.”

Jonouchi puts up a fight, but someone hits him from behind, then they all gang up on him.

“To the torture chamber,” says Hirutani.

Yugi, Honda, and Anzu arrive at the hangout.

“I’ll go in alone!” says Honda, “Those guys are from Rintama! You can’t take them on!! Yugi! Even though you’re my friend…I don’t want you falling to my level! I’m goin’ in!”

Honda bursts open the door, but to his surprise, the place is empty.

“They weren’t there!” Honda tells Yugi and Anzu.

“Let’s split up and look for him!” says Anzu.

“Okay,” says Honda, “but come tell me first if you find him! Don’t try anything on your own!”

The gang had already brought Jonouchi to the torture chamber. They have tied Jonouhci’s wrists to a hanging rope, restraining him from moving or fighting.

Jonouchi calls Hirutani a red-butt boss monkey.

“Jonouchi, you’ve been like that since middle school!” says Hirutani, “Always acting like you were my equal…But the one thing I never managed to do…was teach you this…I am the boss. You’ll always be second in command.”

Hirutani and his gang bring out tasers, ready to shock Jonouchi. Jonouchi kicks one of the gang members in the face and knocks him out (this is important), but another gang manages to shock him. Yugi hears Jonouchi’s scream from outside the torture chamber.

“Please…Millennium Puzzle…Tell me where Jonouchi is!!” says Yugi.


It started raining outside, and a lot was coming inside the torture chamber. Jonouchi had gone unconscious. Hirutani gives the order to shock Jonouchi until he is dead.

Just then, someone bursts into the building and says, “Stop! How dare you hurt Jonouchi! I won’t let you get away with this!”

Hirutani recognizes Yugi as someone who hangs around Jonouchi.

“Hey kid! This is our hangout,” says one of the gang members and punches Yugi in the face, causing Yugi to fly behind a rubber tire.

Then Yugi stands up and says, “Now it’s my turn to start something! I challenge you four to a game!”

Yugi stands on top of the tire and says, “Haven’t you figured it out? There’s a time bomb hidden at your feet and a switch attached to that bomb. The question is: ‘Can you find the switch?’ If you do, you win! My life is yours to take! But if you can’t there’s a penalty game…the bomb will explode, taking you with it!”

One of the gang members says Yugi is bluffing and they should move in and stun him.

“Wait! Don’t use the stun guns!!” says Hirutani, “I get what he was saying…We’re all soaked with rain…that brat stood there just there to lure us into the puddle, so we’d get water on us. If even one of us turns on a stun gun right now, the 200,000 volts will go from his hands to the puddle and the four of us will be blown away by that kid’s bomb! Heh heh heh! We’ve found the switch kid! We’re safe if we don’t use the stun guns so we’ll use our fists instead!”

The gang moves in to lay their fists on Yugi and kill him, but Yugi says, “You didn’t find the switch. I’m the winner, and that switch is about to activate right now.”

The gang notices their unconscious member who Jonouchi knocked out. Yugi propped his arm up with a metal rod while his hand is holding an active taser over a puddle of water. Yugi also hung his Millennium Puzzle above the gang member’s face. The rain water was sliding down the sides of the puzzle, forming drips at the point. As each drop landed on the gang member’s face, he came closer to regaining his consciousness. When he does so, the gang member moves his arm and drops the rod, causing his arm to fall.

“Don’t wake up!” cries Hirutani, but it’s too late. The gang member’s taser lands in the puddle of water, electrocuting all of the gang members.


Honda and Anzu arrive at the building where they find Yugi and Jonouchi.

Jonouchi wakes up and sees Yugi holding him (no longer in his alter-ego form).

“Jonouchi it’s me!” says Yugi, “Let’s go back!”

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