Shadi’s Challenge: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 15-16 Review

Shortly after his trip to the museum, Yugi is sitting in his room and thinking about what Shadi said about the “other me inside of me” and the secret of the Millennium Puzzle. And lastly, that there is one more man who defiled the Valley of the Kings that he must put on trial.

While Yugi is deep in thought, Grandpa walks in and tells Yugi to come look at the news. To the shock of both of them, they find out that Kanekura, the owner of the museum, is now dead. Everyone on the news is saying, “Is this the curse of the Pharaoh’s tomb?

Yugi asks Grandpa if curses really exist, but Grandpa says that’s not what he is worried about. He is worried because there was one more person involved in the excavation of the tomb–Professor Yoshimori. Yugi quickly realizes that Yoshimori could be the “other man” that Shadi was referring to.

Yugi and Grandpa decide to go pay a visit to Professor Yoshimori. On the way, they meet Jonouchi and Anzu. They also saw the news about Kanekura, and decide to go with Yugi and Grandpa to help cheer up Professor Yoshimori.


Meanwhile at Domino University, Professor Yoshimori is contemplating the death of his friend Kanekura. “Impossible, there’s no such thing as a curse!” he tells himself, but he is still very worried. While focusing on his grief, a man walks into the office undetected. It’s Shadi.

“Criminal who defiled the territory of the gods,” thinks Shadi, “who profaned the Valley of the Kings, by Anubis’s will, I now put you on trial.”

Before Shadi does so, he uses his Millennium Key to look into Yoshimori’s soul to see if there is any shred of guilt. Yoshimori’s soul room looks like an office full of artifacts and books on archaeology. In the corner is a picture of his family all covered in dust. Shadi says this means Yoshimori has neglected his family because of his obsession. The room is dark which is proof of his anxiety and fear over Kanekura’s death, however there is a glimmer of hope. Shadi looks closer, and this glimmer of hope is his friends coming to visit him namely Sugoroku, Jonouchi, Anzu, and most importantly–Yugi. Shadi realizes this is his chance to put Yugi on trial in order to determine if he truly is the one worthy of possessing the Millennium Puzzle. Shadi uses the power of his Millennium Puzzle to rearrange Yoshimori’s soul room and turn him into a puppet that Shadi can control.


Meanwhile, Yugi and company arrive at the university. Right before they go into the office, they talk about their plan.

“This should cheer him up,” says Grandpa.

“Yeah! Let’s not mention the museum at all!” says Yugi.

Then they walk into the office.

“Hey there, Professor Yoshimori, we’re here!” they all say.

“Professor, we brought something for you!” says Jonouchi, “Y’know you showed us around the museum and all…”

“Moron!” shouts Anzu, “Ixnay on the Useummay.”

“Thank you for coming!” says Yoshimori, “I’ve been waiting for you!”

“Hey! Something weird’s goin’ on here,” says Jonouchi.

The professor is moving and speaking in a very zombie-like way. Then, out of nowhere, the professor runs up to Jonouchi and starts to strangle him. The others all try to get the professor off of Jonouchi. Then Yugi sees Shadi in the corner.

If my theory is correct, thinks Shadi, when he has no other options, when his heart is out of hope, then his other self will awaken!

The others keep trying to get Yoshimori off of Jonouchi, but his grip is too strong. Then Anzu notices a globe on a table and picks it up. “Forgive me,” she cries as she uses the globe to smack the Professor in the face. This successfully causes Yoshimori to let go of Jonouchi. However the Professor gets back up again and starts to chase the others around the room.

“Evidently the professor isn’t enough,” thinks Shadi, “I must enter the room of the soul of another person here…and turn them into a puppet as well.”

He looks at Anzu and says, “This girl.” He uses the Millennium Key to enter Anzu’s soul room. The nature of her room is a dance studio. Shadi says the mirrors on the walls are evidence of Anzu’s confidence, or pride. Shadi notices two pictures in her room. One is of the Statue of Liberty holding a ballet slipper, probably representing Anzu’s dream of studying dance in New York. The other picture is of a faceless super hero with a “G” on his chest, probably referring to the man who saved her with a game.

Shadi decides to redecorate Anzu’s soul room and make her into a mindless doll in order to push Yugi to his limits.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Professor Yoshimori is still chasing everyone around the office. He even manages to punch Grandpa in the face and knock him out.

“At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until that zombie gets Yugi and Anzu,” thinks Jonouchi, “I’ve got to distract him.”

“Hey ya old book worm! Take a bite out of this!” shouts Jonouchi as he smacks his butt. This successfully gets Yoshimori to chase Jonouchi out of the room. Yugi starts to run after him, but Shadi stops him.

“You have a good friend,” says Shadi, “He would save you by sacrificing himself…And she is a good friend as well.”

“What did you do to Anzu?” asks Yugi.

“I redesigned the room of her soul. This girl is now a doll who cannot speak or think, she is a puppet who cannot move without my will! Now, young man! Let your blood burn with anger! Let your body shake with sorrow, and call him forth! Listen well, Yugi, these words will be the final trigger. If I ordered this girl to die, she would die!”

Shadi’s threat against Anzu’s life causes Yugi to transform into his other self.

“So we finally meet in this world,” says Shadi, “Now the second stage of our game can begin!”

To Be Continued…

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