Better Safe than Sorry: Attack on Titan Chapter 3 Review

Having completed their training, the members of the 104th Training Corps now have to decide which regiment they will join. The Garrison regiment is in charge of reinforcing the walls. The Survey Corps ventures outside the walls and paves the way for human expansion. And lastly, The Military Police Brigade is in charge of managing the king’s subjects within the walls. Only the ten trainees with the highest scores are allowed to join the Military Police Brigade (or MP’s), one of whom is Jean Kirsten.

A cadet walks up to Jean and says, “Lucky bastards, making the top ten! I’m sure you’re gonna join the military police brigade, right?”

“That goes without saying!” responds Jean, “Why the hell would I have would I have aimed to crack the top ten?!”

Sitting next to Jean is Marco Bott, who also says he wants to join the MP’s. “Getting to work near the king is a great honor,” he says.

Jean accuses Marco of playing goody-goody. “Tell me how you really feel,” says Jean, “You can’t wait to get into the interior, right?”

“Shame on you!” cries Marco.

Jean turns to the others in the mess hall and asks, “How about you guys?”

“I’m applying to the Military Police Brigade,” says Bertolt.

“Me too,” says Annie, “but I don’t want anyone to think I’m like you.”

“Hey, you said the interior is comfortable?” says Eren, “Until five years ago, this town was part of the interior, too. Jean, you don’t have to go to interior. I mean, isn’t the interior of your brain soft enough for you?”

“Are you trying to say that I’m an idiot, Eren?” asks Jean, “Well, I’m not…I’m looking at reality. Four years ago, twenty percent of the human population was sent out to recover territory stolen by the titans…and most of them ended up walking straight into a titan’s mouth…for every one of them that we defeated, an average of 30 humans died. However, the titans who dominate this planet is a lot more than 1/30th of the human race. I think it’s crystal clear that humanity doesn’t stand a chance.”

“So what you’re saying is, ‘I don’t think we can win so I’m giving up’.” responds Eren, “Tell me…what’s so good about giving up? Is it better to escape from reality to the point where you’re throwing away your hope? I have a dream…It’s to exterminate the titans and leave this cramped walled-up world. My dream is to explore the outside world. So shove of to the interior…having a defeatist like you here is bad for morale!”

The ensuing argument eventually leads to a brawl.

“Hey, that’s enough!” cries Reiner, “Jean, did you forget what Eren’s hand-to-hand combat score was? It was the top of our class!”

Before the situation can get any uglier, Mikasa picks up Eren and drags him away from the fight.

“Or, wait,” continues Reiner, “Was he second to Mikasa?”


Mikasa brings Eren outside and throws him on the ground. “You always act impulsively when you get angry,” she says. Eren asks Mikasa which branch she will be joining.

“I’m joining the Survey Corps.”

Eren reminds Mikasa that she is the top of their class and says she should join the MP’s.

“If you join the Military Police Brigade, then so will I. If you join the Garrison, I’ll do the same. Without me around, you’ll die an early death.”

Then Armin comes out and sits with Eren and Mikasa.

“Which branch are you gonna apply to?” Eren asks Armin.

“I’m gonna join the survey corps! says Armin.

“Are you serious?” asks Eren. He reminds Armin that he didn’t do so will in the Graduation Test, and the instructor told him to become a technician since he is academically at the top of the class.

“If I died it wouldn’t matter!” responds Armin.


The next day, Eren is working on top of the walls when he learns that a lot more cadets are joining the survey corps than he originally thought, including Connie Springer.

“It seems your speech last nigh had an effect on him,” says Thomas.

Also atop the wall is Sasha, who reveals that she stole some meat from the officers’ private stock and offers to share it with everyone. They realize they could all get in serious trouble for this, but they decide they might as well have some.

Eren reflects on his life five years ago and thinks, Finally, after losing a third of our territory and 20% of our population…the human race is taking back its dignity. We can win…Humanity’s Counter attack begins now!

Out of nowhere, the Colossus Titan suddenly appears behind him. His appearance causes burning steam to emit and sends the soldiers flying of the walls. They quickly use their ODM gear to grapple themselves to the wall. Then, they hear a loud explosion coming from the base of the wall. The Colossus Titan has once again kicked a hole in the wall, this time in the second wall, Wall Rose. Eren starts getting flashbacks to five years ago in Shiganshina.

“The target is here!” cries Eren, “The Colossus Titan! Don’t let this chance get away!”

Eren lands on top of the wall, ready to face the Colossus Titan and defeat him once and for all.

To Be Continued…


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