Trust or Fall: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 19-20 Review

The final stage of Shadi’s game will now begin. Yugi has three ushebti left. He starts thinking of ways he can break Shadi’s ushebti. Reading Yugi’s thoughts, Shadi says, “My ushebti is like diamond! Let me introduce your opponent!”

An illusion of Jonouchi appears and swipes Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle.

“That image of your friend is created from a memory in the other Yugi’s heart, the ‘friend’ who bullied you in the past has been reborn before your eyes!”

A bottomless pit forms around Yugi and the illusion of Jonouchi.

Shadi explains the rules for this game, “You will take turns throwing the Millennium Puzzle like a die! For each throw, your opponent must move two squares in the direction the tip of the puzzle points! The first one to force his opponent into the pit wins!”

The Jonouchi illusion says, “This is your ‘greatest treasure,’ Yugi? Watching you makes me sick! Only a girl would care about a box!”

This memory of Jonouchi’s former self causes the little Yugi to show weakness in his heart. Two of Yugi’s ushebti break, leaving one remaining. Jonouchi rolls the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi moves two tiles in the direction it points. Now it’s Yugi’s turn, but he refuses to play the game against Jonouchi. Since Yugi passes, Jonouchi rolls again, Yugi moves two spaces towards the pit. Yugi is now standing at its edge.

“I pass!” says Yugi.

“Do you admit defeat?” asks Shadi, “Are you throwing the game?”

“You’re wrong Shadi,” Yugi responds, “It’s trust, I trust my friend.”

Shadi tells Jonouchi to throw the puzzle and end the game, but Jonouchi refuses, and the illusion evaporates away.

“There is no past or present for friendship. If you trust your friends, they will trust you. Shadi, you probably won’t understand this, but true strength of the heart can’t be gained alone. The power to trust your friends! That is true strength of the heart.”

Apparently, “the power to trust your friends” is too much for Shadi to process, and his ushebti breaks. The Millennium Key travels down the rope and touches Anzu’s hand. Anzu wakes up from her curse and looks down.

Jonouchi is supporting Anzu’s plank from down below. (The real one, of course!)

“Jonouchi!? What are you doing there?” Anzu asks.

“That’s what I’d like to know!” Jonouchi responds, “Get up on the roof!”

“But I’m scared I’m gonna fall!”

“Hurry up! I can’t hold on.”

Anzu begins making her way to the roof, but Jonouchi loses his grip before she can make it. Anzu starts to fall, but suddenly, Yugi reaches out and grabs Anzu’s hand and pulls her to the roof.

Yugi tells Jonouchi to make the zombie-professor Yoshimori touch the Millennium Key. (He has still been chasing Jonouchi.) Jonouchi thinks there is something strange about Yugi, but he doesn’t have time to think about it, so he does what Yugi says. Professor Yoshimori wakes up. Grandpa has also woken up from being knocked out and has come on the roof.

The Shadi says, “Yugi, you have passed all the tests, it is my complete defeat.”

Shadi, I’ve realized something about the power of the Millennium Puzzle,” says Yugi, “No matter how far apart we are, friends always come together as one! We are small pieces that bind together to become an undefeatable power! Just like a puzzle!

“The Power of Unity! That is the power of the Millennium Puzzle!

Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, Grandpa, and Yoshimori all give Shadi and Avengers-style “We Got You” pose.

“Hey, you in the dress!” says Jonouchi, “I don’t know how you did all this, but this is our place! You better not come here anymore!”

“Yes, that is true,” says Shadi, “Yugi, you have passed my tests. I have been beaten, but I am pleased. My bloodline has been searching for so long for someone like you. You may be able to open that door.” Then Shadi walks away.

Anzu turns to Jonouchi and says, “Doesn’t Yugi seem a little different from normal?”

“Yeah…I saw that too!” says Jonouchi, “What does it mean?”

Jonouchi gets Yugi’s attention.

Anzu and Jonouchi think they might be going crazy.

Then Grandpa suggests they all go out to eat.

“I want burgers!” says Yugi.

Shadi collects his Millennium Key and says, “Goodbye, Yugi. We’ll meet again.”

End Shadi’s Challenge

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