Yugi Plays Tamagotchi: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 21 Review

Keychain games have become really big at Yugi’s school, and the most popular are digital pets. Yugi and Jonouchi have met up at school to show them off.

“It looks just like you, Yugi!” says Jonouchi.

“You think so?” Yugi responds, “I names him U2.”

Then Jonouchi shows off his pet.

“It’s so ugly!” says Anzu.

“Yeah, and it’s got a bad attitude!” says Honda.

“Do you have a digital pet?” Yugi asks Honda.

“Naw, it’s not my thing, I’ve got a dog at home though. I’m too busy taking care of real pets to have time for digital ones. But my dog just came into heat. She’s been driving me nuts! At least you don’t have to worry about that with digital pets!”

“Digital pets have the ability to mate too!” says Yugi, “Then you can share your pets’ personality data with each other.”

“Awright, Yugi, let’s you and I mate right away!” shouts Jonouchi.

“I didn’t need to hear that,” mutters Honda.


Yugi and Jonouchi plug their keychains together and watch their digital pets interact.

It seems that Jonouchi’s pet doesn’t like U2 that much at first, but they eventually become friends.

(Hmm, this seems familiar.)

Then someone comes up to Yugi and grunts, “You wanna see my pet?”

(Well, he looks like a bad guy.)

Yugi recognizes him as Kujirada. Kujirada shows off his pet.

(It looks like the one-star Dragon Ball.)

Kujirada claims that his pet is a hidden character.

“But how do you know this is one of those hidden characters?” asks Jonouchi.

Kujirada explains, “According to my secret info, the hidden characters always have a star in their graphics, and one more thing, your pets don’t live longer than 21 days, but my pet has been alive for over two months already!”

Anzu chimes in and says, “Everyone’s pet is special while they last. I don’t think yours is so great just because it lives longer!”

“Heh, your just jealous,” smirks Kujirada.

Yugi notices that U2 is acting scared for some reason.


That night, Kujirada is trying to get some sleep when his pet wakes him up asking for food.

“You hungry again?” asks Kujirada, “I fed you just five minutes ago.”

Then he notices that his pet has gotten bigger.

“I’m tired of eating pet food!” says the pet.

“Did it just say something,” Kujirada wonders, “Impossible, digital pets can only beep.”

“Listen! If you get me better food. I’ll live even longer!” it says, “You’ll be famous because of me!”


The next day at school, Jonouchi notices that his pet’s data has been completely erased.

“I just left the classroom for a moment and my pet disappeared!” says Jonouchi.

Kujirada’s pet says to him, “I just ate, but I’m already hungry again!”

“Hey, Mazaki,” says Kujirada, “Gimme your pet for a while.”

(That’s like when a classmate asks to “borrow” a piece of paper.)

“No way!” says Anzu.

Kujirada takes Anzu’s pet by force and plugs the two together. (So is that like…you know what, never mind.) Then Kujirada’s pet eats Anzu’s pet. CHOMP!!

“MY PEACHY!!!” cries Anzu.

“Kujirada’s pet ate Anzu’s pet?!” exclaims Yugi as Kujirada swipes his keychain.

“Rejoice! You will become a part of the ultimate pet!” shouts Kujirada.

Kujirada’s pet chases U2 around the interior of the two ports.

U2 eventually gets caught, but right before it gets eaten, U2 starts evolving!

The evolved U2 punches Kujirada’s pet.

(So in this story, the character gets the henshin before he gets eaten…interesting.)

Yugi says, “U2 transformed and blew him away! He must have incorporated the data he received from Jonouchi’s pet!”

(Who would have thought that a goofy filler chapter would dive in to it’s main story’s interpretation?)

“Too bad my pet is gone,” says Kujirada as he walks off, “But now I can sleep at last.”


That night, Yugi watches his pet, as it will disappear the next morning.

But all things must come to an end, says Yugi, Even the lives of digital pets. According to his programming, U2 will disappear tomorrow morning.

“Eat as much as you want, U2. Is it all right if I watch you until morning?”


**Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/chapters/yu-gi-oh

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