The Other Kaiba: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 24 Review

Capsule Monsters is an extremely popular game with elementary and junior high kids. One day, Yugi passes by a candy store where he sees a group of kids lining up in front of a Capsule Monsters coin machine. Yugi gets in line, but a kid cuts in front of him and says, “Aren’t you in high school? You’re too old to play Capmon!”

Yugi gives a nervous laugh and says, “Listen, age doesn’t mean anything to a real gamer.”

(Every Yu-Gi-Oh! player’s motto.)

Once Yugi gets to the front of the line, he puts in 100 yen, but the machine doesn’t give him a capsule.

“It ate my money!” cries Yugi. (Is it just me, or did Yugi just have bad luck.)

Yugi shakes the machine, but the candy store owner comes out and yells at Yugi to stop.

Then another kid arrives, one who makes all the other kids turn and look at him.

“You’re Yugi Mutou, aren’t you?” says the kid. Yugi wonders how he knows who he is.

“Don’t rack your brain!” he says, “You don’t know me. This is the first time we’ve met, but I know all about you! You know Seto Kaiba, don’t you? He’s my big brother!”

(This kid doesn’t actually give his name in this chapter, but I think referring to him as “Kaiba’s little brother” would be too long, and calling him “Kaiba” would be too confusing, so I’ll just start calling him Mokuba.)

Mokuba continues, “My brother masters any game he plays. He’s my hero. I can’t believe that a little shrimp like you actually beat him.”

Mokuba orders his posy of kids to surround Yugi, and forces him to play a game of Capsule Monsters with him. He bribes the candy store owner into giving him the entire coin machine.


Mokuba brings Yugi to an abandoned warehouse, where they will begin their game. One of the kids grabs Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle, but Yugi transforms and says:

“My brother told me about this,” says Mokuba, “He said Yugi turns into a different person when he games. That’s the Yugi I want to beat!”

“Quit bragging and let’s play!” says Yugi.

“I’ve chosen Battlefield 7, Crisis Hill,” says Mokuba, “It’s the board I do best at.”

Mokuba sets up the machine next to the game board and requires each player to draw new capsules from it.


Yugi and Mokuba place their capsules on the board. Then, Mokuba goes first. He moves his Gumbo forward. Yugi meets his monster with Eye Mouth. Mokuba calls Yugi stupid for meeting his level 5 monster with a level 1. Gumbo destroys Eye Mouth easily. Then Yugi moves his Great “Pa” forward (level 4). Mokuba attacks Great “Pa” with Cobrada (level 4). They both destroy each other. Then Mokuba destroys Yugi’s Flower Man with his Dinosaur Wing. Yugi makes his Devil Castle run away, but Mokuba makes his Head Sucker follow and destroy it.

Mokuba laughs and says, “You have one monster, and I’ve got four! You can’t fight them!”

Then Yugi chuckles and says, “Take a good look at your monster’s positions on the field!”

“My last monster, the Torigun, is low level, can’t make sharp turns, and is terrible at close combat,” explains Yugi, “but it has one special talent: Once per game it can defeat any number of enemies, even level 5 ones, in a diagonal super attack!”

Mokuba is stunned, “Yugi sacrificed all of his monsters but just one to draw my four into a line?”


“I LOSE!” cries Mokuba.

Then Yugi cries, “Penalty Game!” (Wow, it’s been a while. I think the last penalty game he gave was to Seto Kaiba, 14 chapter ago.)

Mokuba’s penalty game is to get trapped inside of a capsule [Picture]. Although it’s only an illusion.

As Yugi leaves, Mokuba cries, “My brother’s revenge is well underway! The secret project Death-T is coming!


Next: Death-T begins!

**Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from

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