The World is Cruel: Attack on Titan Chapter 6 Review

(For those who may get uncomfortable, this chapter will get dark and graphic.)

(Also, this review is starting at the end of Chapter 5.)

In the year 844, Mikasa lived happily with her mother and father. One day, the mother passes on a brand to her daughter while they wait for a visit from Dr. Yeager. As soon as the father hears a knock at the door, he goes to answer it.

Outside, Dr. Yeager is giving instructions to his son.

“There aren’t any other children around here, so make friends with her,” says Dr. Yeager.

After a while of no answer, he opens the door and discovers this:

Meanwhile in a far off cabin, Mikasa is laying unconscious on the floor. She tries to remember how she got there. When her father opened the door, he was instantly stabbed. The mother grabs a knife and tries to stab the murderers, but she ends up getting axed in the neck. Mikasa freezes at seeing both her parents get killed in front of her. Then she got knocked unconscious and taken.

While Mikasa’s captors discuss how much they can sell her for, the front door opens. It’s Eren.

“Hey, brat! How’d you find this place,” says one of the guys as he walks up to Eren.

Eren starts to tear up and cries, “I was lost in the woods, and I saw this cabin…”

The man responds, “You should know better than that! I mean, a kid walking through the forest alone? There are scary wolves in the forest, but you’ve got nothing to worry about now. We’ll take good care of you.”

“Thanks Mister,” says Eren…as he slices the man’s throat.

Eren runs inside of a closet.

“Hey, get back here,” says the other man. He opens the closet door, but Eren runs out with the knife tied to the edge of a broom.

He stabs the guy in the throat.

After Eren successfully kills the two men, he walks over to Mikasa and cuts her binds.

“You’re Mikasa, right?” asks Eren, “I’m Eren, Dr. Yeager’s son. I’m pretty sure you met him before.”

“I went along with him to your house for a consultation, and then…”

And then Mikasa remembers something.

“There were three,” she says.

Eren looks behind him and sees the third man. He sees his two dead comrades and kicks Eren across the room.

“I don’t believe it,” he says, “Was it you who did this to my partners? How dare you! I’m going to kill you!”

The man starts to strangle Eren.

Then Eren says to Mikasa, “Fight! If you don’t fight, we’re gonna die. If you win, we live. If you don’t fight, we can’t win.

Mikasa picks up the knife behind her. She starts shaking and says, “I can’t.”

Then I remembered, thinks Mikasa, I’d seen this scene before…over and over again.

Mikasa thinks back to all the times she saw death right in front of her and hadn’t given it a second thought.

That’s right, thinks Mikasa, This world…is cruel. It hit me that living was like a miracle and in that instant my body stopped trembling. From that moment, I was able to perfectly control myself. I thought I could do anything.

(It’s like what the Elric brothers learn while on the island.)

Mikasa uses all her might to stab the man in the back, thus saving Eren.


Dr. Yeager meets his son after the incident.

“Dammit Eren, I told you to wait for me at the base of the mountain. Do you have any idea what you did?”

“I stopped dangerous beasts! They only happened to resemble humans!”

“You should never have acted with such disregard for your own life!”

“Dr. Yeager,” says Mikasa, “Where should I go from here? It’s cold…there’s no place for me to go home to anymore.”

Eren takes off the scarf around his neck and wraps it around Mikasa’s. (The same scarf that Mikasa still wears.)

“Mikasa, come live with our family,” says Dr. Yeager, “You’ve been through a lot, you need plenty of rest.”

“Let’s hurry up and go home, to our house,” says Eren.

“Okay, let’s go home,” says Mikasa.

Back in the present, Mikasa thinks to herself, This is a cruel world, and only the winners survive. In this world, I’ve got a place to go home to. Eren…as long as you’re around, I can do anything.

**Images were obtained from the Kindle edition of Attack on Titan.

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