Death-T Begins: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 25 Review

Yugi and Joey are out and about in the city. They go to an arcade in order to beat the record of the highest-ranked player in every single video game. His three letter acronym is KAI, and only after arriving at the arcade does Yugi learn that KAI is none other that the Duel Monsters champion himself, Kaiba.

Yugi sits down at a fighting game and chooses Bruce Ryu as his fighter. The fighter is based on the famous Chinese action star, Bruce Lee.

Someone challenges Yugi to a fight, and Yugi beats him. Then the same challenger challenges Yugi again, and Yugi wins again. Then the same challenger challenges Yugi again.

“Wha?! He’s challenging me again?” exclaims Yugi.

“Weak guys never give up,” comments Jonouchi.

Jonouchi walks away to get Yugi and himself a drink. When he comes back, he finds that Yugi has been beaten up. Apparently, Yugi’s challenger was sitting across from Yugi the whole time. He didn’t like losing all the time, so he decided to stand up and punch Yugi.

Jonouchi runs after Yugi’s attacker. The challenger challenges Jonouchi to a fighting game where both players have a knife in their mouths, and they each try to punch the knife.

“This is a ‘Game of Death’ just like the film with Bruce Lee!” says the challenger.

(A movie that ends in a tower game…interesting.)

As soon as Jonouchi finishes the game, he returns to Yugi.

To Be Continued…

Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from

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