Russian Roulette Diner: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 26 Review

After Jonouchi finishes his knife fight, he and Yugi leave the arcade. They are stopped when a limo pulls up in front of them. The driver steps out and says, “Master Seto cordially requests your presence at this house!”

Once in the limo, the driver explains that Kaiba has been working on an important project and wants Yugi and Jonouchi to witness the opening celebration. He also explains that even though Kaiba is still in high school, he is the president of Kaiba Corporations, one of the top amusement companies in the world.

“And I’m the Vice President,” says Mokuba, who has just turned from behind the passenger’s seat.

The limo arrives at Kaiba mansion. Yugi and Jonouchi are shocked by the sheer size of it. Kaiba is currently asleep, but Mokuba treats them to a pre-opening celebration. He leads Yugi and Jonouchi into the kitchen, where he has set up a spinning table with six different entrees.

Mokuba announces that this will be game, “The three of us take turns spinning the tables, then we eat the food that’s in front of us!”

Jonouchi goes first, he lands the kiddie lunch.

Jonouchi eats it and gets poisoned!

Mokuba says Yugi must win the game in order to get the antidote, but he also needs to watch out for the other poisoned dish.

Seeing Jonouchi get poisoned causes Yugi to transform into his other self.

“Mokuba, this time you’re dead!” cries Yugi.

Yugi spins and gets the spaghetti – not poisoned.

Mokuba spins and gets the parfait – not poisoned.

Yugi notices that Mokuba isn’t nervous at all despite one of the plates being poisoned. He then remembers seeing Mokuba touch a bottle before spinning the table.

“Hey Mokuba, what’s in that bottle,” asks Yugi.

“Ah, this is…it’s a syrup bottle! There are pancakes, aren’t there?” responds Mokuba, with a nervous laugh.

Mokuba realizes that Yugi came dangerously close to finding out that the bottle was actually a switch that allows him to stop the table wherever he wants. With being nervous that Yugi is on to him, Mokuba decides to make Yugi eat the next poisoned dish – the hamburger.

Yugi offers Mokuba a challenge, “Let’s finish this in one go! One the next turn, let’s both eat the dishes that end up in front of us!”

Mokuba agrees.

After spinning the table, Mokuba notices that the bottle suddenly smashes. When the table stops, he sees that Yugi tied his Millennium Puzzle to the end of the table.

Unfortunately, the hamburger lands right in front of Mokuba.

Yugi quickly finishes his pancakes and says, “Weren’t the rules to clean your plate?”

Mokuba reluctantly eats the hamburger and gets poisoned.

Fortunately, Kaiba’s butler rushes in the help Mokuba.

Yugi grabs the antidote and gives it to Jonouchi. Then he thinks, “So tomorrow the mysterious project finally starts…what are you planning Kaiba?”


Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from

“The Poison You Just Drank” Youtube, uploaded by Amber Fox:

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