“The Fury of the Human Race Incarnate” – Attack on Titan Chapter 8 Review

Mikasa watches in shock as one titan kills another titan. Seeing this makes her feel confused, yet uplifted. Why would a titan be attacking another titan? To Mikasa, the titan looks like “the fury of the human race incarnate.”

Armin swings by and lifts Mikasa off the ground, and places her on a rooftop. Connie calls them to get away from the titans, but Mikasa directs their attention to that one titan. The three of them watch in awe as the new titan kicks the head off the other titan. He knew where the weak spot was!

Armin trades gas cans with Mikasa and advises her to use it wisely this time. Mikasa realizes she rushed ahead recklessly without thinking about everyone else’s lives. Armin wants to stay behind, but Connie and Mikasa won’t let him. Connie prepares to carry him away, but then Armin gets an idea that’s so crazy it has to work.

Meanwhile, Jean and his squad can do nothing but watch as a group of soldiers get devoured by titans. He realizes this is a perfect chance to make a break for HQ, “It’s now or never,” he cries. When they get there, they find the supply squad hiding under a desk. Jean punches them for not coming out to help. As Jean watches the titans trying to break their way in, he realizes that this is simply reality.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a titan comes and starts punching the other titans surrounding HQ. Mikasa, Armin, and Connie come crashing through the windows. When asked about the titan, Mikasa says that this titan is their best means of survival.

To Be Continued…


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