A Shaky Start – Dragon Ball Chapter 2 Review

In the last chapter of Dragon Ball, Goku teams up with Bulma in order to find the legendary dragon balls – mystical spheres that will grant a wish to the one who gathers all seven of them, but will Goku and Bulma be able to form an effective partnership despite all of their differences?

After riding their motorcycle for quite a while, Goku and Bulma begin to feel tired, so they decide to stop for the night. Goku calls the soft leaves for his bed, but sleeping outside is the last thing on Bulma’s mind. She activates one of her Hoi-Poi capsules and it turns into a house.

After getting settled inside, Bulma says that Goku is stinking up the place, so she decides to give him a bath. Once inside the tub, Bulma tries to take off Goku’s tail, but it doesn’t come off. In fact, Goku uses his tail in order to wash his butt. Bulma screams, she has never seen a person with a tail before. Goku supposes that it’s just boys who have tails. Bulma is in disbelief, but then remembers that she’s never seen a butt-naked guy before.

After Goku finishes in the tub, Bulma decides to take a bath herself. While soaking in the suds, Bulma thinks about how weird Goku is. She thinks he is like something that jumped out of a horror movie, when Goku suddenly appears in front of her.

“So instead of a tail, you’ve got an extra butt,” says Goku.

“It’s not a butt, you idiot, they’re boobs,” cries Bulma, “And when you’re a little older you’re gonna think mine are incredible.”

Needless to say, Goku gets kicked out of the bathroom.

After bath time, Goku and Bulma settle down for supper. Goku complains that the bread is nasty and the soup is too bitter. Bulma explains that the soup is actually coffee, and that if he learned how to eat, maybe he wouldn’t be such a shrimp. Goku decides to go out and get some ‘real food’. He returns with a wolf, and a centipede for flavor. Needless to say, Bulma doesn’t find this very appetizing.

After eating, it’s time for bed. Goku is excited to sleep on the futon with Bulma, but of course that’s not happening. Bulma makes Goku sleep on the floor.

“But I always used Grampa as a pillow,” says Goku.

“You aren’t using me for a pillow, freak!” screams Bulma.

While brushing her teeth, Bulma asks Goku about what happened to his parents.

“I dunno,” says Goku, “I guess they abandoned me in the mountains when I was a baby. Then Grampa found me and decided to keep me.”

The next morning, Goku wakes up and sees Bulma’s ‘pillow’ exposed. He decides to try it out, but it feels different than his Grandpa’s. So Goku decides to see why.

Well, I think that’s enough manga for today, but I hope that Goku and Bulma will be able to work out their differences as they continue to find the seven dragon balls.


Images from the Dragon Ball manga were obtained from VIZ | Read Dragon Ball Manga – Official Shonen Jump From Japan


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