Kaiba’s Ultimatum: Yu-Gi-Oh Chapter 27 Review

The night passes after Mokuba almost kills Yugi and Jonouchi with his deadly dinner party. While asleep, Seto Kaiba has a dream about the time he lost to Yugi in a game of Duel Monsters and was forced to ‘experience death’.

“How ironic to have that dream again last night,” says Kaiba, after he wakes up. He changes into an outfit that resembles a king’s robe. Today is the day Kaiba will finally get his revenge on Yugi, and then the nightmares will be no more.

Kaiba greets Yugi and Jonouchi from the top of the stair case.

They get in Kaiba’s limo and drive to a skyscraper, built by Kaiba himself.

“This is Kaiba Land! It’s an indoor amusement park,” says Kaiba.

The three of them enter the building. Kaiba has invited a select group of children to try out the amusement park before opening day.

“I’ve prepared a special show just for you, Yugi,” says Kaiba. He leads them to an arena and opens the doors. When they walk inside, Yugi is shocked to see his Grandpa sitting inside of a glass box in the middle of the arena.

“For your entertainment, you will now witness a match of the world’s #1 collectible card game, ‘Duel Monsters’!” Kaiba announces, “My challenger is this gentleman, Sugoroku Mutou. He is said to be a game master who has never lost a duel.”

Kaiba enters the box and challenges Grandpa Mutou to a duel. Kaiba begins by summoning Hitotsu-Me Giant. The box produces a holographic image of the monster.

“I’ve recreated my game with Yugi using virtual reality!” says Kaiba, “My money can buy powers just like his.”

The realistic holograms make Grandpa’s pacemaker go wild. Grandpa activates a spell card called Hobbit Attack. It causes Kaiba to lose 500 life points.

The duel progresses, and eventually it’s Grandpa’s turn again. Grandpa draws the Blue Eyes White Dragon card. He shows it to Kaiba and says, “When I put this card down, it’s game over.”

“Then I choose to play this card,” says Kaiba, “and on the next turn…and on the turn after that.”

Kaiba summons three Blue-Eyes White Dragons. Grandpa admits defeat. Kaiba explains that he searched the entire world for the other Blue Eyes White Dragons in existence. He forced the owners in to bankruptcy and took their cards from them.

“This is your punishment for losing to me! And to your card for betraying me last time!”

Kaiba tears Grandpa’s Blue Eyes White Dragon to shreds. Kaiba then gives Grandpa the ‘experience of death’ via virtual reality.

Kaiba steps out of the box and walks over to Yugi. He tells Yugi that he will stop the box under one condition – that Yugi agrees to play his game of “Death-T”.


To Be Continued…

Images were obtained from VIZ | Read Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga – Official Shonen Jump From Japan


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