Armin’s Escape Plan: Attack on Titan Chapter 9 Review (SPOILERS!!!)

The new titan is successfully destroying all of the other titans surrounding HQ. Meanwhile, the soldiers inside of HQ are preparing to slay the 3-4 meter titans inside the supply room.

Armin conceives a plan and announces it to everyone:

“First, we use the lift to lower most of us from the center of the ceiling. If those seven titans are ‘normals’, a large number of people should be enough to draw them to the center of the room. Next, the people in the lift will fire at the seven titan’s faces simultaneously, thus robbing them of their vision.

“And then, the next instant will decide everything.

“Seven people hiding near the ceiling will swoop down in time with the firing and slash the titan’s vital spot in other words, everything rides on this one attack. All of our lives are at stake.”

The seven people chosen to slay the titans are Reiner, Bertolt, Annie, Sasha, Connie, Mikasa, and Jean.

Armin continues, “The seven people with the most athletic ability probably have the best chance of striking home, so they’ll do the job.”

Armin isn’t completely sure about his idea, but Mikasa tries to boost his confidence.

“You have the ability to lead people where they need to go,” says Mikasa to Armin, “That ability has saved my life before, not to mention Eren’s.”

“It has?” asks Armin, “When?”

“I’ll tell you later,” Mikasa replies.

As planned, all of the soldiers except seven of them lower themselves down in the middle of the storage room. With shotguns aimed at the ready, the soldiers wait until all of the titans are within firing range.


All of the soldiers fire their guns, shooting strait in the eyes, and blinding the titans. On cue, the seven selected soldiers swoop down from the rafters. Five out of the seven soldiers hit their targets, Sasha and Connie missed. Annie and Mikasa rush in to save them, and kill the titans.

And then, the supply room is officially clear of titans.

The soldiers all refill with gas and exit the building. They all prepare to scale the wall, but Mikasa has something else to do. She wants to check on the new titan. Unfortunately, it’s currently getting eaten alive by other titans.

Mikasa says that titan could help them find a way out of this hopeless situation. Reiner suggests they should help it so they can learn more about it. Jean thinks everyone is insane and that they should get over the walls. Annie says the titan could become their ally.

Then Armin sees another titan approaching. He recognizes it as the titan that killed Thomas. This causes the new titan to go berserk. He breaks free from the titans gnawing on him and lunges at the titan that ate Thomas. He bites it right in the weak spot. After he finishes, the new titan feints.

Jean wants to get out, but everyone else stays and watches.

Mikasa notices something coming out of the back of the titan’s neck.

Mikasa runs over to him…

…and makes sure that he’s alive.

She brings him back to the rooftop. Everyone is in shock. Armin is surprised to see his friend alive after witnessing him get eaten.

They now all know that this new titan has been killing all of the other titans, was in fact Eren Yeager.


**Images were obtained from the Kindle Edition of Attack on Titan Volume 2.


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