Friendship, Assemble! Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 28 Review

Kaiba has defeated Yugi’s Grandpa in a game of Duel Monsters. The realistic illusion of the holographic projections created by Kaiba’s simulator box are causing Grandpa’s pacemaker to run wild. Kabia gives Yugi an ultimatum. He says he will stop the box under one condition – that Yugi agrees to face the challenge of Death-T. With Grandpa’s life on the line, Yugi has no choice but to accept.

Yugi gets his Grandpa out of the box and rushes him off to a hospital. Before he goes, Grandpa gives Yugi his deck.

“Take them,” says Grandpa to Yugi, “I know you can defeat that young man.”

Joey calls an ambulance, and they get Grandpa off to the hospital.

Yugi must now face the trial of Death-T, but of course, Jonouchi won’t let him go alone.

And neither will…Honda.

Surprise! He’s here too.

Honda explains that his nephew, who is currently with him, was whining about going to Kaiba Land, so his nephew will be tagging along too.

And now, our four heroes are ready to face the challenge of Death-T.

They enter through a gate leading to the first stage. After walking through a long, dark tunnel, they hear someone crying for help. When they get closer, they see…

…it’s Anzu!

Anzu explains that she started working for Kaiba Land after she got fired from Burger World for punching a guy who touched her in the butt.

She says that when she cried for help earlier, it was a part of her act in the game. She cries for help and then says, “The enemy is about to blow up this space station! You are the only ones who can save it. Put on your cybervests and defeat the intruders with your laser guns.”

Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda all prepare themselves for a laser-tagging game. This is the first trial of Death-T. They suit up in their cybervests and equip themselves with laser guns.

Honda hands his nephew off to Anzu, who then…

(That’s basically the extent of this kid’s character.)

Yugi and his friends enter the arena. However, what they don’t know is that Kaiba has hired three master assassins to play against them. Additionally, the weapons that our heroes have are merely toys, but if the assassins manage to hit the cybervests of our heroes, they will get shocked with one million volts.

That’s right, this won’t be an ordinary laser-tag game, this will be a laser-tag Game of Death!


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