An Old Man and a Flying Cloud: Dragon Ball Chapter 3-4 Review

In the last chapter of Dragon Ball, Goku and Bulma stayed for the night in Bulma’s Hoi-Poi house. Now that morning has come, the two prepare to continue their quest to find the seven Dragon Balls.

While out for a run, Goku meets a sea turtle who is lost (seeing how he is away from the sea), so he brings him to Bulma. Goku explains that they should help the sea turtle find his way back home, but Bulma complains it will take time out from looking for the dragon balls. After all, she only has 30 more days before her summer break is over.

Being the kind-hearted boy that Goku is, he decides to help the turtle anyway, leaving Bulma behind. Bulma quickly realizes that Goku still has his dragon ball, so she can’t just let him go yet. That, and…

Bulma decides to catch up with the others.

After battling a sword-wielding fox creature, they manage to get to the ocean. The turtle was so happy to get to the sea, that he wants to give Goku and Bulma a reward. He swims across the ocean, and when he comes back, he has an old man riding on his back.

The old man introduces himself as Kame-Sen’nin, the turtle hermit. Having been pleased that Goku helped return his turtle, the old man agrees to grant him a reward, so he summons the Immortal Phoenix. The turtle reminds the old man about the incident with the tainted bird seed, and now the Immortal Phoenix is no more.

(The Immortal Phoenix died?)

Since he can’t grant Goku the gift of immortality, the turtle hermit decides to give him the next best thing. He summons Kinto’un, the flying cloud (known in the anime as Flying Nimbus, or just Nimbus for short). Kinto’un can only be ridden by those with a pure heart. Kame-Sen’nin hops on and falls right through. Goku hops on and…

Success, he can ride it!

Bulma asks Kame-Sen’nin what her reward is. The turtle tells the old man that Bulma didn’t help much, but Kame-Sen’nin supposes he can give her something if Bulma gives him something in return. He asks to see Bulma’s undies. (And he wonders why he couldn’t ride Kinto’un). Bulma is hesitant, but if she can get something as amazing as a flying cloud, then maybe she can make an exception. Bulma grants the turtle hermit his wish.

(If you remember, in the last chapter, Goku took off Bulma’s panties while she was asleep. That was an extremely crucial plot point.)

Having been given more than he asked for, Kame-Sen’nin agrees to give Bulma a reward. While trying to decide what to give her, Bulma notices a small, round object hanging from the old man’s neck. She quickly recognizes it as a Dragon Ball. Bulma asks if she can have it as her reward. The old man is hesitant, but after Bulma gives him another flash of her “undies,” he quickly agrees.

Happy with their rewards, Goku and Bulma return to their Hoi-Poi house. Once inside, Bulma finds her undies laying on the floor. And then it all hits her like a ton of bricks. Seeing Bulma’s shock, Goku explains that he took them off while she was sleeping. Needless to say, Goku gets punished.

Well, things still seem to be off to a shaky start between Goku and Bulma, but in spite of it all, they managed to find another Dragon Ball, and got a flying cloud in the process. What peculiar adventure will these two find themselves in next? Find out in the next chapter of Dragon Ball!


Images from the Dragon Ball manga were obtained from


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