Laser Tag of Death: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 29 Review

Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda have agreed to play Kaiba’s dangerous game of Death-T. Having lost at a game of Duel Monsters, Yugi’s Grandpa was forced to ‘experience death’ by Kaiba’s virtual holograms. Now with Grandpa in the hospital, Yugi must defeat Kaiba in Death-T before his Grandpa runs out of time.

After entering the first stage, the gang was surprised to see their friend Anzu working there. Anzu explains that there first challenge is a laser-tagging game, so she helps them get suited up and equipped. Unbeknownst to Yugi or his friends, Kaiba has hired three master assassins to oppose Yugi in the first challenge, and if one of their guns hits one of our hero’s vests, it will electrocute them with one million volts!


Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda enter the arena. Being somewhat experienced with shooting, Honda leads to group into conducting a stealth operation. He says it’s their best chance of survival. Jonouchi, however, quickly gets tired of sitting around and doing nothing, so he comes up with another plan.

One of the assassins, named Johnny Gayle, has begun a stealth mission of his own, but all of his training and expertise could not have prepared him for what he would see next.

Johnny draws his gun, but Jonouchi comes down with a kick before he can shoot. Surprised that one of their guys had already fallen, the other two assassins begin firing rapidly. While Jonouchi starts running around to avoid getting shot, Honda takes aim and fires a laser…but nothing happens. Then, a laser grazes Honda’s shoulder, causing his shoulder pad to spark up a little. Honda calls the others to retreat, so they go back to where Anzu is.


“Yugi, this game is rigged,” says Honda, “Our guns are useless! There’s no way we can win!”

Honda’s nephew (whose name is now revealed to be Johji) is upset that the other guys are raining in on his personal time with Anzu, so he fires a laser gun at them. It misses the heroes, but it hits one of the vests hanging up behind them, and the vest sparks up like crazy.

“What the…” exclaims Honda, “There was an electric shock when the laser hit the sensor on that spare vest!”

“If that had been one of us…” thinks Yugi.

Honda realizes that they were given regular laser-tagging guns, while their enemies were given actual lethal weapons.

Realizing this, Anzu quits her job and decides to join the heroes.


Honda takes the gun that Johji fired and uses it for his final plan. Honda returns to the arena. The two assassins are there, ready to fire at him. Honda drops his gun and raises his hands. The assassins are about to shoot, but then Johji tosses up a gun from behind. Honda catches the gun, and quickly fires it at both of the assassins.

Yugi and his friends celebrate their victory. From his observation room, Kaiba says, “So you’ve cleared Death T-1, but how will you fare in the next stage, Yugi?”

I guess we’ll have to find out in the next chapter when our heroes go to a place called Murder Mansion. (Yikes!)


Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from


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