The Deadly Version of the Quiet Game: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 30 Review

Having successfully conquered their first challenge of Death-T, our heroes march triumphantly to Death-T 2, but their morale quickly fades once they see the entrance.

Kaiba’s butler is there to greet them. He gestures to a nearby roller-coaster car and explains that this will take them to their next challenge. Once seated inside the car, Yugi and his friends are suddenly strapped in, preventing them from escaping!

The butler explains that this is part of the minigame they will play on their way to the next trial. The chairs our heroes are strapped to are actually electric chairs. A helmet with a microphone attached to it has been placed on the heads of each of our heroes. The butler will attempt to make the guests scream, but if the microphone detects a single sound, the chair will ignite and kill the rider. The goal of the game is to remain completely silent.


The game begins. Our heroes do not make a sound. They pass by zombies.

They get frightened, but do not scream.

They get gas blown in their face, but still don’t scream.

Then, a bunch of hands come springing out of the chairs and start rubbing themselves all over our heroes.

Anzu has finally reached her limit. She is soon going to give up and scream. Johji, who has been sitting innocently in Anzu’s lap realizes that he can’t let her get zapped. Since he wasn’t strapped down, Johji is able to get up and move around freely. Just as the butler is about to initiate his final attack, Johji plops himself on the butler’s lap.

The butler feels something warm…

and smells something stinky…

then he realizes:

The kid pooped on the butler’s lap! The absolute atrocity of such a repulsive act causes the butler to scream in terror. He was also equipped with a microphone attached to a helmet, and as soon as the microphone picked up the scream, the chair ignites, electrocuting the butler to death.


Fun fact: This chapter explains why Kaiba’s butler is in the first episode of the anime…but never seen again.

Kaiba's Butler
Kaiba’s butler has come to collect Solomon Muto so Kaiba can obtain his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card.
From the episode “The Heart of the Cards”

Having defeated the butler, our heroes make it successfully to the end of the track without saying a word. But their fears have only begun as they gaze upon the building known as Murderer’s Mansion.

What kind of deadly spooks will our heroes encounter next? Find out in the next chapter!


Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from

“The Heart of Cards” is the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Official First Season written by Junki Takegami, Masashi Sogo, and Shin Yoshida; English translations by Paul Taylor and Sam Murakami; directed by Eric Stuart; distributed by 4K Media Inc. 2013

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