Could Joey Wheeler Win a Hunger Game? : Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 32 Review

Yugi, Jonouchi, Honda, and Anzu have all agreed to play Kaiba’s Death-T, a theme park where the attractions are perilous.

In the first challenge, our heroes had to fight three master assassins in deadly game of laser tag. Honda stood his ground and used his hunting skills to snipe the bad guys down.

Our heroes are currently battling their way through the second challenge, “Murderer’s Mansion.” So far, they have encountered locked doors, mysterious riddles, and a deadly guillotine. In the last chapter, our heroes managed to find the exit before they all got their hands sliced off, but little do they know, their fears have only just begun.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Honda’s nephew, Johji, is tagging along with them. So far, this kid has groped Anzu’s breasts and pooped on a butler’s lap. What other mischief will he find himself in next?

Well, right off the bat, Johji gets dragged under the trap door by a mysterious hand.

(Bye, bye, Jouji)

“It must be that ‘Chopman’ Kaiba was talking about,” deduces Yugi.

They hear Johji’s voice crying for help from down below, so our heroes bravely descend the stair case. They eventually find Johji sitting on a pedestal in an isolated room.

They all think it’s a trap.

Johji turns around and says, “They aren’t coming, sir.”

They realize the Chopman is right behind Johji.

A TV screen with Kaiba’s face on it appears behind Johji.

“Now about the next game,” announces Kaiba, “You will play it in here with the Chopman! Select one person to enter this room!”

Kaiba threatens to kill Johji if no one volunteers. Honda is about to volunteer, but Jonouchi steps in first. As soon as Jonouchi enters the room where Johji is, the door slams shut. He makes his way to the pedestal where Johji is sitting, but notices the floor is covered in oil. Johji waits until Jounouchi lifts him off the pedestal, then he makes a surprise attack. Johji wraps Jonouchi’s wrist in a handcuff! Jonouchi realizes the other end of the handcuffs is attached to the Chopman, and the chain connecting the two handcuffs feeds through and eyelet on the pedestal, preventing either of them from escaping.

“The rules of the game are simple,” Kaiba continues, “After the signal to begin, you each pick a weapon and fight to the death. Your choices are hung from the ceiling. Stand on the podium in the middle to reach them! Be careful not to slip on the oil on the floor!”

The game begins

Jounouchi realizes if he had something thin like a pin or a wire, he could unlock the handcuffs, but where would he find something like that?

Chopman is already making his move. He climbs up the podium and reaches for one of the weapons hanging from the ceiling. Which weapon does he grab? The chainsaw!

(Maybe we should call him Chainsaw Man…wait)


Jonouchi asks Yugi if he has a wire, but of course Yugi does not. Chopman tries to slice Jonouchi with the chainsaw. He misses and gets his chainsaw stuck on the podium. Seeing Jonouchi running for his life triggers Yugi to transform into his alter-ego, but just before he does so, he gets an idea.

“Jonouchi, over there!” Yugi points to a candlestick hanging on the side of the wall. Jonouchi uses the candlestick to release himself from the handcuffs. Chopman manages to free his chainsaw from the podium. He sees Jonouchi next to the door.

“Come here,” cries Chopman, but little does he know, Jonouchi has attached the hand cuffs to the steel door. The candle is also chained to the door. Chopman’s super human strength allows him to rip the door clean off its hinges, but consequently, the candle falls in the oil with it. Needless to say, this is how the Chopman goes out.

(Yikes, I think that’s the second death-by-fire in this series!)

Anyways, our heroes have finally cleared Death T-2. Now, it’s time for them to face the third challenge.


Images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga were obtained from

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