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Our heroes have successfully cleared the first two trials of Death-T. Now they make their way to the third. In the first trial, our heroes had to survive a deadly game of laser tag. In the second, our heroes had to make their way through the horrors of Murderer’s Mansion. What new terrors will our heroes find in the third challenge?

Upon entering into the gates of Death-T3, our heroes find…

Nothing! The room is completely blank!

“Nothing” seems to not be that scary…until the door closes behind them. They begin to search for a way out. They find another opening in the room. The problem…

…is that it’s to high for them to reach.

With noting to do in an empty room, our heroes sit…and wait.

After a long series of silence and contemplation, Yugi finally breaks.

“I’m sorry everyone, it’s my fault!” confesses Yugi, “If I weren’t here, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Don’t you dare say that again!” cries Jonouchi as he grabs Yugi by the collar, “Don’t you understand why we came with you? It’s because we’re friends. I never learned to like myself until I met you, Yugi! You were this innocent kid…everyone took advantage of you. At first, I couldn’t stand to watch you, but I wasn’t really mad at you, Yugi. I was mad at myself.”

“I know how you feel,” responds Honda, “I was the same. I would get so wound up, I just needed to pick a fight. Then I’d realize the person I really wanted to hit was me.”

Jonouchi explains that when he gave Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle piece back, he started to like himself a little bit for the first time in his life. Then, he turns to Yugi and shouts, “Listen to me, Yugi! You know what friends are?! They’re someone you like! And because of them you learn to like yourself! That’s why I hang out with you, Yugi! So if it hurts, or whatever — Let me share it! That’s what friends are for!”

“No one learns to like themselves on their own,” observes Anzu, “It’s a big game you play throughout your life. Hey, look at this room! Doesn’t it remind you of a blank canvas? I always though if I went somewhere special with my friends, I’d leave my name there to remember it by!”

Anzu pulls out a magic marker and says, “Put your hands out, everyone!”

She then draws on each of their hands a symbol that connect the four of them.

“Even after we graduate and go our separate ways, if we’re ever alone, we just have to think of this smiley face, and we’ll remember being here, and being friends!…The ink of the marker will wear off, but in our hearts, the ring will always be there!”

Anzu barely had enough time to finish her speech before our heroes look up and see something falling down towards them. The heroes scatter to get out of they way. They realize the falling object was a giant…cube? Although a cube isn’t inherently scary, a giant cube falling from the sky that has the potential to crush anyone it lands on may turn up the fright-o-meter just a tad.

“The Game of Death T-3 has begun,” cries Yugi.

More cubes keep falling from the ceiling.

“Everyone, climb on top of the cubes,” calls Yugi, “The point of the game is to get out of the room.”

Anzu notices something, “There’s a rhythm to the timing of the falling cubes!”

Anzu focuses real hard for a moment and points, “There!” The block falls in the space she points to.

Yugi, Honda, and Jonouchi cheer for Anzu’s rhythmic talent.

A block is about to hit Honda!

Jonouchi and Anzu make it into the exit.

“Alright, let’s move,” says Honda, but then he realizes something. His shirt is caught in between the blocks!

“Yugi, give me your hand, quick!” calls Honda. Honda lifts Yugi into the exit hole.

“C’mon, Honda, what are you waiting for?” asks Jonouchi.

“This is as far as I go,” says Honda.

Then his friends can see why Honda isn’t moving. His shirt is stuck in between the blocks!

“Good bye, guys,” says Honda, just as a block lands right in front of the exit.

“Honda!” call his friends from the other side!

To Be Continued…

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