Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens: An Early Prediction about the President of Goha and Top of Hexagon


  • The President of Goha and the Top of Hexagon represent the original Yu-Gi-Oh! card game by reflecting Pharaoh Atem and his six servants.


  • The Top of Hexagon is a group of six males and one female, just like Atem’s six servants.
  • The president of Goha, with his cape and horns, are comparable to Atem’s cape and unique hairstyle.
  • The reason they are evil is to represent how corrupt and complicated the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game has become.
  • Atatchi Mimi is a fan of Japan’s Bubble Era which took place in the 90’s, the same decade that Yu-Gi-Oh! was first released.
    • Mimi also mentions liking loss socks, which Anzu can be seen wearing in the OG manga.
    • Mimi’s deck contains a lot of Rush Duel versions of OG YGO cards.
  • Being the only female member of Goha’s Top of Hexagon, Mimi would reflect Isis, and their names have a similar structure:
    • MIMI = ISIS
  • If this theory is true, then one of the Top of Hexagon represents Seto, but the masked holographic duelist named Otes already represents Kaiba with his looks and the Blue Eyes White Dragon
    • OTES = SETO
  • Perhaps Otes is actually one of the Top of Hexagon who is secretly betraying the president of Goha. This would align with Seto’s character because he betrays Atem in order to help Thief King Bakura.
  • So if Otes represents Seto, and Otes is helping Yuga…does that mean that Yuga represents Thief King Bakura because he is defying the rules of Goha Corp by creating Rush Duels?

I intend to update this page if more evidence is presented.