“I Killed a Man with this Thumb!”: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter 4 Review

It’s the end of another day at Domino High School. Jonouchi suggests to Yugi that they get something to eat on the way home. Yugi suggests they go to the new Burger World, but Anzu overhears their conversation. She tells Yugi they shouldn’t go there because the food has been making people sick. Yugi suggests they go to the Calorie Burger instead and invites Anzu to come, but Anzu says she has chores to do. She also reminds them that the teacher said there was an escaped convict and told them all to go straight home. Then, Anzu leaves the classroom.

“Yugi, hasn’t Anzu been acting strange lately?” asks Jonouchi.

“Now that you mention it, she hasn’t walked home with us recently,” notices Yugi.

“If my instincts are correct, I think Anzu’s doing escort service.”

“What’s that?”

“You know, going on dates with rich old men! Some girls from the other classes do it for spending money.”


“Whoa ho! What’s your problem? Your face is getting red. Could it be…?!”

“That’s not it!”

Yugi and Jonouchi follow Anzu into town.

“She’s heading toward the red light district!” says Jonouchi.

Finally, Anzu walks inside of a building, but to their surprise, it’s Burger World!

Yugi and Jonouchi are confused until they see Anzu come our in a waitress uniform.

“Hello! Welcome to Burger World!” says Anzu, “Let me show you to…your…seats.”

Anzu slowly walks back into the restaurant.

“Damn! They followed me,” thinks Anzu, “After-school jobs are against school rules! I’ll be expelled!”

Yugi and Jonouchi sit down inside the restaurant. Anzu comes by with a tray of burgers.

“Please enjoy our burgers with plenty of our famous ketchup!” says Anzu as she angrily slaps down the tray and squirts the ketchup on their food, writing the words: TELL AND YOU DIE.

Anzu walks away mad, making Yugi and Jonouchi a little nervous, but her mood quickly changes.

“Well, now that you know I’m working here, I have nothing else to hide,” says Anzu, “I’m saving up my money! I’m going to America when I graduate. I’m going to study dance in New York! It’s my dream!”

“Don’t worry, Anzu!” says Jonouchi, “we won’t tell you! I’ll eat 10,000 of these burgers if I tell!”

Anzu goes to greet another customer at the door.

“Welcome! Are you be yourself?” asks Anzu.

“I’m by myself all right,” says the customer, “That’s why I’m so lonely.”

Then the customer points a gun at Anzu, and says, “Awright! Anyone makes a sound and this girl dies!”

It’s the escaped prisoner!

The prisoner makes Anzu blindfold herself with the ribbon in her hair and sits them both at a table. Now, the prisoner wants someone to take his order.

“You! The wussy little one!” he says, pointing his gun at Yugi, “Everyone else get down on the floor and close your eyes! First off, give me some booze! Then cigarettes!”

Yugi brings the prisoner his order. As Yugi does so, Anzu thinks, “Hold on…what this guy just said… ‘wussy little one’ … it couldn’t be.”

“Stay back, Yugi!” cries Anzu.

“Shut your damn mouth!” says the prisoner and slaps Anzu on the face.

“Anzu!!” cries Yugi.

Seeing Anzu abused causes Yugi to transform into his alter-ego.

“How dare you do that to my friend!” says the alter-ego. He places the order down on the table and sits opposite to the prisoner.

“Who said you could sit down?” screams the prisoner.

“I just thought I’d help you pass the time,” says Yugi, “Let’s play a game…If you’ve got guts.”

As Anzu sits with her blindfold on, she thinks about the voice she is hearing. It sounds like Yugi’s but different. It sounds more confident.

Meanwhile, Jonouchi can’t see anything because he is behind a fat guy.

“Well…a game…this could be fun,” says the prisoner.

“However…the one to lose this game will die!” says Yugi, “This game has just one rule. As long as we sit at this table facing each other, we may each move only one of our ten fingers, and once the game starts, that finger cannot change, but we are free to choose any finger we like. Which finger do you choose?”

The prisoner chooses his index finger. It’s all he needs to pull the trigger and blow Yugi away.

“Then I choose my thumb!” says Yugi.


Game Start!

“And in one instant it’s Game Over!” says the prisoner, but just before he squeezes the trigger, Yugi uses his thumb to open a lighter.

“Right! I forgot to ask for a lighter,” says the prisoner, “Okay, the last thing you can do is use your thumb to light my cigarette. I’ll kill you after that!”

Yugi holds the lighter up to the prisoner’s face and lights the cigarette sticking out of his mouth. Then, in an unexpected move, Yugi places the lighter on top of the prisoner’s right hand which is currently pouring the booze.

If the prisoner moves, the lighter will fall and set the vodka on fire. His hand keeps pouring, causing the vodka to overflow and spill onto his lap.

“Just try firing you gun!” says Yugi, “The recoil will make you drop the lighter for sure! Let’s go Anzu!”

Yugi pulls Anzu away from the prisoner.

“But my luck!” says the prisoner, causing the cigarette to fall out of his mouth. The cigarette then falls onto his lap and sets the alcohol on fire, causing the prisoner to go out in a fiery inferno.

Anzu takes her blindfold off and looks for the person who save her, but all she sees is Yugi in his regular form.

“Who was that man who saved me,” Anzu asks herself, “I’ll never forget that voice. After all I’ve fallen in love with its owner.”

So now Yugi can honestly say:



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